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    First Resection Appt. & Dr said Temp Ostomy if I cant get off meds. Need Advice.

    I went for my first resection appointment with a surgeon after having CD for 25 years. I have severe narrowing in the ileum. I was told since i'm on 6mp and prednisone that I would have to have a temp ostomy for 4 months due to potential healing issues. Have you had a resection while on meds...
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    22 Years and saying bye to 6MP. Thanks for the ride!

    22 years on 100 mg of 6mp and have terrible skin issues! My skin is aging so terribly from this medicine, 100s of warts spreading everywhere. Just awful. Starting Entyvio in 2 weeks and so nervous but going to be optimistic. Even though my skin has taken a beaten, 6mp has kept me living a...
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    6MP to Entyvio Switching soon and scared

    I've been on 6mp 100 mg for 20 years and am having major skin problems and just landed in the hospital for the first time with a partial blockage. Went to the GI and he said it's time to switch meds. I'm so nervous. I'm sure that 6mp has just has many potential complications as Entyvio. I...
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    Colonoscopy Question-Term Ileum

    Today I had a new GI Doctor do a routine colonoscopy. When I woke up he said he wasn't able to get to the terminal ileum (which is where my CD is) and set me up for a small bowel series. The last 3 colonoscopies that I have had were able to get there and see and take pics, etc. I thought this...
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    How much Zinc is safe?

    Hi, I would like to try Zinc since I have read several articles that it can help with warts. I'm having skins issues due to years of 6MP. Does anyone know how much is safe? I bought 50mg from target tonight. I've never had my zinc level checked.
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    Why do I read crap on the internet?

    So, I went to the Dr today due to my major skin issues on 6mp and they are recommending me to go on Humira. I felt positive and left there..came home and opened my Facebook and CCFA had posted an article about fungus and CD. So, I read it and see 3 people write that they got cancer while on...
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    Blood in stool but feel fine...worried

    Hi, I was in a flare a few weeks ago, off prednisone now and feel fine but noticed pink/red blood in my stool. Not a lot just some for the last few days. I've never had this before. I have had CD for 23 years in the terminal ileum. I have a colonoscopy at the end of October. Should I be...
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    Is anyone being successfully treated on just Humira?

    My GI Dr wants to add Humira to my 6MP. I would prefer to just take the Humira after a few months if possible and not be on combined treatment. Is anyone taking just Humira and doing well long term? I've been on 100mg 6mp for 18 years and have done well but have skin problems and flare about...
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    Blood Work Back-Levels Raised

    First of all, I take 100mg of 6mp and have been in a flare for a couple weeks. Got my lab results back and basically the following are high: White blood Cells 14.7 Red Blood Cells 5.24 Hemoglobin 15.7 Hematocrit 48.3 Absolute Neutrophils 11010 Absolute Monocytes 1000 ALT 33 So of course, I...
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    How do you handle a flare?

    I was on prednisone for one week - 40MG and have since tapered off and my stomach is hurting again. I'm taking 100mg of 6MP but it seems to be failing. What do you all do when you flare? Any helpful tips?
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    Switching from 6MP to Humira. What's your experience?

    I've been on 6MP for 18 years, no surgeries, pretty healthy. Now, Dr is recommending that I switch to Humira due to major skin issues on 6MP. What was your experience? I'm really anxious about it.
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    New GI Dr Tomorrow due to awful skin issues! Worried

    Tomorrow I am heading to a new GI doctor due to MAJOR skin problems on long term 6MP, 100mg. My entire body has warts and bumps all over and I can no longer control them. I mean hundreds of warts. How can this be? I'm so scared to change meds since I've been on 6MP for 18 years and have been...
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    Skin Issues on Immunosuppressive Therapy

    After being on 100mg of 6MP for 15 years, I'm having a lot of skin problems-warts, keratosis, brown spots, premature skin aging. I've read a lot of stories with skin problems/skin cancer on long term Immunosuppressive therapy. Are there other medications that can treat crohn's successfully...
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    Wartpalooza on 6MP. Anyone else???

    I've had CD for 23 years, been on 100 mg of 6MP for many years with minimal flares. No surgeries, no hospitals. When I flare, I take prednisone for a few days and I get better. The Problem is.. I have 100s of warts popping up all over. Nothing is helping.. I go to the dermatologist and they...
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    After 15 yrs 6 mp failing-Remicade ?

    Hi All, I've been on 6mp for 15 years w/ Crohns and have never been hosptilized, no surgeries with occasional flares. I originally started on 50 mg, went to 75 and now 100mg. I am flaring and had to be put on steroids recently. The Doctor mentioned switching me to Remicade. Is Remicade...
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    DMSO Success with Crohn's Flare

    I'm using 100% purse DMSO on my stomach and 4 times it has immediately pulled my out of Crohn's flare when nothing else is working. I notice results within an hour. Sounds really strange but it has been a miracle for me. Please everyone research. It may not help everyone but if it helps some...
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    DMSO Crohn's Success-PLEASE READ

    I have posted before about DMSO.. just wanted to make sure that people are researching this. 100 % pure DMSO (purchased from a holistic store for $20) applied to my stomach and has pulled me out of a crohn's flare about 4 times now. I apply the DMSO liquid to my stomach and let it sit for...
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    Does DMSO help Crohn's Disease

    I have had Crohn's in the terminal ileum for 17 years. I was on steroids for a few years and was then placed on 6mp, 50 mg for the last 12 years. I have had no side effects except for an occasional flare. The last several months the 6mp has failed. The Dr increased the 6mp to 100 mg daily...