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    It had been a while

    it had been a while Hi everyone-it has been a while since I posted about my son and thought that one the eve before the Jewish New Year it might be a good time to catch you all up. Barry has been in remission since June of 2007 following his surgery. He completed his junior year and spent the...
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    Things to be thankful for

    It is Thanksgiving morning-early, and I have been up cooking since 5. My son is now on a plane home from college-should arrive around 11 a.m. Since he remains in remission since his surgery last spring he has requested all his favorite Thanksgiving Day foods. What a pleasure that he will be able...
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    crohnsmom Hi-I have been reading your forum for weeks now, ever since my son showed it to me. I have only now decided to join and post since seeing several posts from parents of crohns patients. My son was diagnosed in January of 2007. He was 19 at the time and away at college, 1400 miles from...