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  1. tots

    Restless leg or something else!?! Need some help!

    Does anyone have restless leg syndrome? I thought that’s what I had but, mine starts inlower back. Leg muscles dont hurt but, they sure do want to kick out. I have recently added Psoriatic Arthritis, Crohns Arthritis and Crohns Arthritis. I did notice when I was on a higher dose of prednisone it...
  2. tots


    I developed a blood clot in each long a few hears ago. I was given Lovenox I injections twice a day. Did not bother me. They used that medication because I had had a bleed and this is the one drug they can get out of your system the quickest.
  3. tots

    I won my SSDI !!

    How long was he on disability before ya had a review?
  4. tots

    I won my SSDI !!

    After a total of three years, 2 years after applying for SSDI, and one year disability from work, I had my hearing last Wed. I was reminded again right before the hearing it would take awhile, be patient the judge will have a lot of questions. Then it will take 4-6 months for a decision. My...
  5. tots

    Does your temperature run low?

    Do you run a low body temp? Mine is routinley in the 96 degree area, no wonder I get the chills at night! Lauren
  6. tots

    Esphogeal ulcers

    Does anyone have experience with ephogeal ulcers? I had a scope and they were found. They are grade thee and four I believe those are the highest level. Today I am in a lot of pain where I can’t get comfortable no matter what I do. Any suggestions? Lauren
  7. tots

    2 1/2 weeks later

    A little over two weeks ago I called my Dr regarding my symptoms- 3 weeks off steroids just starting Humira and things are not going well. After two weeks the NP called me and said she would speak to the Dr and call be back that day. That was last Wed. no call back. In between that time I had...
  8. tots

    Food going right through me

    Should I be concerned that my food is going right through me undigested? It’s getting old. And I am pretty tired of the pain Tots
  9. tots

    Do you take more than humira?

    I am starting Humira soon, while I was on Remicade I also took Methotrexate. Is there any thing you take to enhance your Humira? Lauren
  10. tots

    Bleeding won’t stop

    Bleeding won’t stop I have been bleeding since Thursday. Started on 40mgs of prednisone, the bleeding has not stopped or let up. Tonight I have a headache and keep getting the chills. I don’t usually have the bleeding unless I have a flare on my left side so I am not so used to it. This...
  11. tots

    Could it be good news ?!?

    I filed for SSDI in Sept. Today I had my appt with the Dr they requested I see. AT the end of the appt I asked her what her thoughts were and she said she considered me to be disabled from both of my diseases independently. The first being my CD and the second from my inflammatory arthritis. I...
  12. tots

    How do you accept this type of failure?

    I have been married 31 years, my husband as I have explained before is not at all understanding of my CD. I was diagnosed at 28, I am now 53, we started dating at 17. For various reasons my husband is not my biggest cheer leader, in his eyes I don't do much right, from folding his laundry to...
  13. tots

    CD and ischemic colitis...

    I have had bleeding for the last 3 days, and a lot of it. I have CD and my GI doc thinks is ischemic colitis. I thought you got that our to trauma. When I joined in 2012, I was given the same Dx and i am pretty sure he said it was the same thing as having CD in my large colon. Maybe I am...
  14. tots

    Prometheus test

    does anyone know when they started using the Prometheus test? Lauren
  15. tots

    Should I go tho the ER or wait until the morning?

    I have been having trouble for the past few weeks, ya know when you get to the point that even the "good" foods have you running to the bathroom? so, today I started bleeding, its not real bright or real dark. It is enough to make it so I cant see the bottom of the toilet, I would say at least...
  16. tots

    Stopping all treatment

    When I joined this group in 2010- I had been in the hospital for 8 days and was rediagnosed with CD through a SBS. I was re diagnosed in 2015 with a CT scan. I have since not reached remission. I failed Humira (severe headaches) and Cimzia- nothing happened there. After looking at my joints...
  17. tots

    New/additional diagnosis- what does it mean?

    Last week I saw a new Rheumatologist, she went over my medical history, looked at my joints. Asked why if I am still having symptoms with my CD did my GI not add another medication!?! After looking at my joints and symptoms she put me on Methotrexate. Yesterday I got a call from her office...
  18. tots

    This is a joke right?

    in 2012 I was in the hospital for my CD. Colonoscopy found skip lesions in the colon ( left sided colitis, Crohns Colitis). Biopsy showed ischemic colitis) bowel. Otherwise "normal". Small bowel series showed CD beyond the reach of the scope. As I was already diagnosed this was enough for the...
  19. tots

    Did I read this or make it up?

    I have been having a lot of joint pain- low back, shoulders. I thought it had a a lot to do with work. I work retail- a lot of unpacking and hanging of clothes. Well, I have been on short term disability for a few months. I have also seen a Rheumatologist. He did X-rays and found not...
  20. tots

    Remicade infusion and BP

    Does your BP go up when you have your infusion? Do they slow it down?? I seem to remember in the beginning they did. Today not so much. Lauren