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    I never shared my story.

    Hello :smile: My name is Natalie. I never consistently used the bathroom as a kid. I remember in the 4th grade being frustrated in the bathroom at recess because I couldn't poo. I was always constipated. In the summer before 7th grade, I started having diarrhea. I felt really anxious at the...
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    Is it ok to throw a whole lemon in the juicer or should I remove the skin first? I use organic produce so I was thinking that maybe it would be ok. I'd love to get some opinions on this. Thanks :smile:
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    More Than 200 Genes Identified for Crohn's Disease

    From sciencedaily.com
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    New public gut bacteria study expected to reach around world

    From colorado.edu I'd really love to be a part of this. It is not free to participate though. $99 gets you one stool analysis kit. More information is in the link above.
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    LDN news

    From lowdosenaltrexone.org From tnibiotech.com Dr. Henry “Skip” Lenz, Pharm.D, Joins TNI BioTech, Inc., as Quality Control Officer
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    CNN - fecal transplant for c. diff

    Another story in the news about fecal transplants for curing c. diff. This patient was in a car accident and developed c. diff from all the antibiotic use. They tried the nasogastric route but the infection came back. Then, they tried the implant again with a colonoscopy and had excellent...
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    Non-psychoactive hemp-based CBD elixirs

    Nevermind. I don't think this is as effective as the Rick Simpson oil.
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    My Quest for LDN

    So, I had a colonoscopy a few weeks ago. My doctor found pseudopolyps and an ulcer on my ileocecal valve plus was unable to perform any deep intubation because I am strictured. I don't know if the stricture is due to scar tissue or inflammation. I have an MR enterography lined up to find out. As...
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    CLA for Crohn's and Colitis

    I found this recent article on ScienceDaily about a research team in Virginia that found anti-inflammatory properties in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). It is a naturally occuring acid found in meat and dairy products. A quick google search showed that you can buy these in supplement form...
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    Self-Prescribed Fecal Transplant Saves Canadian Man's Life

    This guy had a really bad case of c. diff and was slated to undergo a fecal transplant but due to proper guidelines not being set in place by the facility, he could not go through with it there. He acquired feces from his cousin, had it tested, and performed the procedure on himself via enema...