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  1. InstantCoffee

    Vitamin C supplements that don't cause diarrhea?

    I pretty much can't currently consume much of anything that naturally contains Vitamin C but ascorbic acid supplements give me diarrhea. Suggestions?
  2. InstantCoffee

    Making broth for a "clear liquid diet" at home?

    I need to do a colonoscopy prep on monday and my dietary restrictions basically mean any store-bought preparations are off limits due to gluten and seasonings. It says that any broths need to be "fat free." Is it possible to make a home-made broth that's safe for a colonoscopy prep? At this...
  3. InstantCoffee

    Looking for name of a crohn's-like condition

    I've talked to people Dx with it but I don't know the name. It's a condition that presents like crohn's / IBD but it's caused by a circulatory problem in the gut / intestines. I want to do more research on it as I have some evidence that makes me believe it may be a possible explanation for...
  4. InstantCoffee

    Billiary involvement, gall bladder etc.

    I've been wondering lately about the possibility my crohn's symptoms largely involve the gall bladder. Most of my symptoms from day 1 have been biliary (vomiting or passing bile.) Recently I've been getting non-distinct pain in my mid and low back after eating certain things. I recently...
  5. InstantCoffee

    SIBO testing & Diet

    I debated on asking this here or in the diet section and wasn't sure, it pertains to diet but the scope relates more heavily to SIBO. I scheduled a SIBO test for next month, and as I'm reading over the SIBO testing requirements, for one week prior I'll have to eat a low fiber, no-sugar...
  6. InstantCoffee

    Has anyone had medications reverse extreme dietary intolerances?

    I've been off meds for several years now because they just straight up stopped working (remicade, humira, prednizone) and I've had to carefully manipulate my diet to avoid symptoms, but I've cut away so much. I'm just worried meds won't really fix that either. Has anyone actually seen a...
  7. InstantCoffee

    L-Glutamine may work best when combined with Arginine

    Just stumbled on some info suggesting that glutamine works best or only works significantly when combined with arginine, been trying to dig up some more reliable info on it: http://www.livestrong.com/article/501610-l-arginine-l-glutamine/ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19904200...
  8. InstantCoffee

    Any link between Crohn's and elevated liver enzymes?

    Mine just came back extremely high on a test. I'm also looking at Wilson's as a potential culprit as my copper was pretty high. It might even explain my high crohn's symptoms that don't respond to treatment. I took a follow up test today and waiting for results anxiously. I cut back sources...
  9. InstantCoffee

    Andrographis paniculata, herbal supplement compares to Mesalazine in study

    http://examine.com/supplements/Andrographis+paniculata/ In treating Ulcerative Colitis: "Appears to be quite effective based on preliminary evidence, with one study being comparable to sustained release mesalazine in potency." Two studies referenced...
  10. InstantCoffee

    What are the easiest to digest rice grains?

    I can have some rices and not others and I'm not sure why they differ. I cannot have brown or jasmine. Sushi rice seems okay. I'm looking to expand my choices, any suggestions?
  11. InstantCoffee

    Anyone heard about Wim Hoff

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaMjhwFE1Zw&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop Also known as the Iceman. He's learned to use breathing techniques, ones like the tummo meditation, to influence his autonomic nervous system to influence his immune system and adrenaline levels. It's been proven in the...
  12. InstantCoffee

    Terminalia chebula haritaki

    Anyone heard of this or tried it? Edit: Just noticed it's also available in a common supplement called Triphala The bold claims from the hype sites:http://www.holistic-herbalist.com/terminalia-chebula.html Web MD...
  13. InstantCoffee

    So my doctor is questioning my diagnosis after 11 years.

    I went back for the first time in 2 years to schedule some scopings to check on my insides. He seemed a bit confused when I told him normal bowel movements, no medications for 2 years. He looked through my history and told me a lot of my symptoms are not consistent with Crohn's and there's no...
  14. InstantCoffee

    Banana ketchup

    I know many with Crohn's have to avoid tomatoes / nightshades, I thought this might be interesting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banana_ketchup I may look into making my own if i can find a recipe since I like ketchup but can't tolerate tomatoes well lately.
  15. InstantCoffee

    Fulvic acid

    http://wellnessmama.com/25300/what-is-fulvic-acid/ http://www.supremefulvic.com/documents/html/fulvic_acid.php Some interesting stuff. Just have to be sure to take it in a glass container in non-chlorinated water. I was thinking it could be taken in distilled water since it's a source of...
  16. InstantCoffee

    Demodex infestations as a result of compromised immune system?

    I stumbled on this and I'm now curious because it might explain my bad skin. Humans naturally carry demodex mites, primarily in their eyelash follicles. Those with compromised immune systems can reach pathogenic levels of demodex mites and it manifests in a number of ways including sebaceous...
  17. InstantCoffee

    Interesting article on gut microbiota, Resistant starch, balances etc.

    https://mrheisenbug.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/why-resistant-starch-is-probably-not-enough/ Some really hard hitting info in here. I'd like to hit on some key points, I hope I didn't misunderstand anything: -The bacteria of the gut is very inter-dependent. Some of the important bacteria feed on...
  18. InstantCoffee

    Can't have bacon or hot dogs? Try nitrate free.

    I had lost bacon and hot dogs for years and didn't know why I could have pork products but not these. I knew it wasn't a fat issue and it's not a consistency issue, it's NEVER a consistency issue for me. I can eat any tough meats, it's always chemistry. I heard about how bad nitrates are for...
  19. InstantCoffee

    Hidradenitis Suppurative linked to Crohn's Disease

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20976417 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2210836X12000164 See section 11 How come I saw so many specialists dealing in crohn's and dermatologists and not 1 ever recognized or suggested it? My first Crohn's doctor at the children's hospital...
  20. InstantCoffee

    Poll curious but probably unrelated. Crohn's and Light Pollution

    I've been looking at some studies and my own lifestyle and got me thinking about something. There may be a link between IBS / IBD and hormonal levels, including serotonin levels. Serotonin levels cycle based on light exposure. There's been studies done at rats, increasing darkness cycles...