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    Calprotectin normal

    Hello, Got a question. I have been semi diagnosed with mild Crohn colitis. I say semi because I hardly ever show anything wrong on colonoscopy. Have had ulcers show on capsule endoscopy in small bowel. I also have Rheumatoid arthritis. I went back to dr a week ago because I have been having...
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    Methotrexate and Motion Sickness

    Happy New Year everyone! I have a weird question. I am on methotrexate orally for both my RA and crohns. I take 25mg a week and have been on it for at least 2 years. I have noticed in the past year that my motion sickness has gotten worse. I know this sounds weird but since the med can make...
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    Burning part of crohns?

    Hi, I was diagnosed with mild crohns, also have acid reflux, hypothyroid, RA, and just came back positive with some sjogrens or lupus antibodies (yay). I was wondering if anyone got a burning pain in their abdomen which feels like your stomach is eating itself and the entire abdomen is also...