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  1. itsMeFred

    First colonoscopy: *Not* Crohn's??

    This could, quite possibly, drive me insane! A month ago, my GI made my Crohn's diagnosis primarily based on my CT (distinct inflammation in both my ilium and colon), then-current pain and bacterial infections and my history. I've had occasional blood in my stools over the course of several...
  2. itsMeFred

    What is magnesium sulfate and where do I find it?

    What is magnesium citrate and where do I find it? Is this a drug-store purchase? My first colonoscopy is Thursday. I have directions for a liquid diet on Wed, not to mention Dulcolax and magnesium citrate. Ironically, in parentheses next to the Dulcolax, a nationally advertised laxative, it...
  3. itsMeFred

    Crohn's and gall bladder disease

    So I'm curious who else has had gall bladder disease either before or after Crohn's diagnosis.
  4. itsMeFred

    Newbie from South Nebraska

    I'm Erin, a 37 year old, stay at home mom of 2 and a cowboy's wife. We live on a little place in the extreme NW corner of Kansas. Though my husband works in Nebraska, my kids go to school in Nebraska, and we do all our shopping in Nebraska. And who wants to admit they're from Kansas?? I'm...
  5. itsMeFred

    This is the best weight loss plan ever!!

    OK, so I'm being a bit facetious. ;) But having been about 80 pounds overweight for the last several years (less in other years, but always overweight), I must confess, I'm liking this unconscious weight loss thing. I mean, I don't hurt. I don't have d, really. I'm eating basically the same...