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  1. lizbeth

    Crohns and fibromyalgia

    Hi everyone. Just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and wondered who else might be coping with both conditions and how you manage. Would greatly appreciate your input. Many thanks in advance :).
  2. lizbeth

    Strange thing going on with my mouth.

    I was wondering if anyone could help me please. Recently I'be been finding that any food I eat tastes either very salty or very sweet and for the last couple of days food burns my mouth. This only happens when I eat and the rest of the time my mouth just feels normal. A couple of times I noticed...
  3. lizbeth

    Sudden pain

    Hello everyone :). I have a question. Has anyone been having a good time with little or no symptoms and then out of the blue experience sudden, excruciating pain that's lasted a few hours and then disappeared leaving you feeling like you had a hangover? This happened to me today. My pain...
  4. lizbeth

    I've been really stupid!!

    I'm very annoyed and disappointed at myself cos 3 months ago I started smoking again the day my dad died and I can't make myself stop. I know I'm using excuses for not stopping and I know why I should stop but I have absolutely no will power what so ever. I'm not very proud of myself right now...
  5. lizbeth

    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    I'd like to light 3 candles, the first 1 it's for my lovely father-in-law, Jackie, who passed away on 3rd April very suddenly, he went out like a light sitting with his beloved wife, here one minute and gone the next. He is very sadly missed :(. The second is for my father, Jack. He'd been...
  6. lizbeth

    Why do i have this pain?

    I'm sorry for asking another probably silly question but I would be grateful if anyone could help me understand why I have so much pain when I have a bm. The pain is very central and slightly to the left of my belly button and it's always the same place. It's so bad at times I'm gasping for...
  7. lizbeth

    Black tarry stools and eXtreme pain

    How long would I need to be on iron meds for it to cause my stools to go black and tarry? I've been taking iron for 4 days now. Thanks in anticipation.
  8. lizbeth

    New pain and can't explain, need help please.

    Last night I was woken with a very intense pain that reached from halfway down my ribcage to below my belly button and all the way round my back. I need to use the bathroom but didn't know which end to point at the toilet! Lol. The pain and double toilet needs along with shivering and violent...
  9. lizbeth

    Weird stuff on the loo paper....

    Apologies for tmi but I've been having a lot more diarrhoea lately, not lose, watery stools but fairly soft, especially for me. Today when I wiped the paper came away with a big blob of what looked like jelly, it's happened before but never just as much and I'm really not quite sure what's going...
  10. lizbeth

    Diagnosed Crohns....now told its IBS!!

    I'm feeling very confused and rather devastated, I've been living for 10 months with a diagnosis of crohns based on CT findings, symptoms and colonoscopy findings. Since then I have had an endoscopy (inflammation found in oesophagus, initially thought to be barratts oesophagus but later ruled...
  11. lizbeth

    ATOS tribunal tomorrow!!!!!

    This isn't really crohns related but it's making me feel very ill........... Tomorrow I have to face a tribunal panel to prove that 18 months ago I was unfit for work. At the time I had had surgeries on my right wrist and on my left shoulder, 4 months apart, each was much slower to heal than...
  12. lizbeth

    Crohns and Addisons disease!!

    I attended my diabetic clinic today for an urgent appointment as I'm having trouble controlling my blood sugars. A short while into the appointment my Dr asked if I had ever had my adrenal function tested....answer no, next thing I know I'm being whisked round to the nurses station to have a...
  13. lizbeth

    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. :ghug::ghug:
  14. lizbeth

    The shakes in flare

    Basically wondering if anyone gets the shakes when they have really bad tummy pain. I'm sitting here in agony and have terrible shakes, my hands have a mind of their own and keep jumping all over the place? Any thoughts would be great, thank you in advance.
  15. lizbeth

    Meeting GI, what questions should I ask

    I'm currently waiting on results of a small bowel series and quantiferon test, these were done I think to check for strictures, cos the colonoscopy couldn't get into small bowel, and in preparation for immunosuppressants. My head is muddled with everything that's going on and I find myself...
  16. lizbeth

    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    I would like to light a candle for my mum, my best friend, a truly inspirational lady who touched the lives of many with kindness and grace. If I can be a fraction of the person she was I will be a happy camper. Love you and miss you, 4 years tomorrow since we lost you, will never forget you. xx
  17. lizbeth

    Nocturnal BMs

    So it's 4am and I've had 3BMs in the last hour plus a hypo and now I feel awful :( (oh and hot flushes just to put the icing on the cake). Sorry for moaning, everyone else here sleeping, no-one to talk to. Thanks for reading.
  18. lizbeth

    Crohnies with Diabetes Support Group

    Hi everyone, Just wondered if anyone out there living with both conditions would like a support group where we could share our stories? Where we could rejoice in our successes and empathize on our negatives......This is my story.... 1996 Insulin dependant diabetes diagnosed, my children were...
  19. lizbeth

    Feeling miserable

    So it's 1.30am and yet again I'm sat on the sofa while everyone else is sleeping had a really bad night last night, very bad cramps for hours throughout the night and spent a continuous hour on the loo with diarrhoea :poo:. I eventually got some sleep at 6am approx. Today I was so exhausted, my...
  20. lizbeth

    Quantiferon-whats it all about?

    I saw my GI on Monday and he ordered a quantiferon blood test which I had done on Tuesday, I know its testing for TB but I dont know why this is relevant, can anyone enlighten me? Thankyou