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  1. AK47

    Started Mycophenolate Mofetil (CellCept)

    Hi everyone, Has anyone heard or been on this medicine? I failed all other drugs such as Aza and 6MP. Currently on weekly Humira 40mg and things are still unstable and the increase from every 2 weeks to weekly has only helped a little. The doctor has told me she would like to introduce...
  2. AK47

    Humira and Prednisolone Combined

    Hello everyone, Been on Humira for just over 10 weeks. Loading dose didn't go down too well, GI believes I had an infection straight after it and had a really bad flare, I was put on steroids when I was admitted into Hospital. I came off after a few days because I really didnt want to stay on...
  3. AK47

    Remicade and Methotrexate together?

    Hello everyone, I hope somebody can help me on this one..been looking for information for hours but havent had much luck on any personal experiences. I'm currently on Remicade on my 4th infusion, this 4th infusion has gone really well and it seems like its working wonderfully. After my...
  4. AK47

    How acurate is an MRI scan?

    Hello.. Im due for a MRI scan in a few days, due to my symptoms coming back but this time more abdominal pains but one going toilet :poo: once a day but it is very watery and comes out like a burst pipe! (Sorry for the details) GI told be could be that small intestines have narrowed causing...
  5. AK47

    Finally joined this forum - New to Crohns

    Hey guys.. I've finally joined this forum after using it nearly everyday for 2 months. Im 24years male from the UK. I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in May 2012 after 3 months of severe diarrhea, fatigue, ab pains and weight loss. I was admitted into A & E (ER) and Dr diagnosed me...