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  1. Tony H

    Diabetes and Crohn's

    Just diagnosed with type 2 and have UC (a foot of colon left ) , any one got any advice ?
  2. Tony H

    This is not a very good forum..

    Theres a very active forum called https://www.veganostomy.ca/community/ very active with a really proactive owner called Eric , very friendly bunch there (like here) but you will get answers very quickly .
  3. Tony H

    Considering an elective Ileostomy Please help

    I have UC since I was 21 , im 61 now , five years ago I had a sub total colectomy ie they removed all of my colon apart from my anus and about a foot of colon and gave me an ostomy, time in hospital was quick apart from catching an infection in hospital which gave me an extra 2 weeks in...
  4. Tony H

    Waiting for Surgery

    Well its been nearly 5 years , so I thought I would update my condition , really cant believe its been this long , stoma wise im doing great , shortly after my homecoming i gave myself a hernia , take warning people new to this , WEAR A SUPPORT BELT ALWAYS , It was a quick enough recovery and...
  5. Tony H

    Availability of restrooms during COVID?

    its funny but its the "normal people " with me on trips have the problems with the non availability of restrooms , since my ostomy I just get into the back seat (we have privacy windows in the back) and change out the bag , open all the windows and invite my fellow travelers back into the car ...
  6. Tony H

    Top surgery after colectomy + ileostomy?

    Hi Nephyria , I had/have UC for over 30 years , had good periods of remission but eventually had to have a sub total colectomy (removal of almost all of the colon apart from a small section connected to the anus ) , I was the BEST thing to ever happen to me , I wish I had it done 30 years ago ...
  7. Tony H

    Eye Problems / Iritis

    Hi I have uc and only had two doses of iritis , its a condition that in my case got quickly worse , , the pain was off the charts and you can noticeably see it in your eyes , it was fairly easily treated with steroids and on the second occasion had to get the steroids administered directly into...
  8. Tony H

    Prednisolone Taper and Problems

    Hi up to 6 weeks ago I was on 40 mg of pred , when I was released from hospital I was on 25 mg and was given no instructions on how to reduce it , after countless attempts to contact my surgeon I was finally told to reduce by 5mg every 5 days , so I was on 25mg for13 days 20mg for 5 days...
  9. Tony H

    How to Gain Weight After Colectomy

    Hi I'm two weeks post op and everything is going well , I would like to know from other stoma mates and crohnies about food and snack suggestions which will help me gain weight back , for example yesterday my food intake was , Breakfast , bowl of rice krispies with lots of milk and sugar , Mid...
  10. Tony H

    Waiting for Surgery

    Its been decided I'm having surgery ,I'm waiting for my consultant surgeon to confirm the details and the timing , I'm going to use this thread to journal my journey if that's ok .
  11. Tony H

    Moving From Humira to REMICADE

    Hi in the hospital for the last few days from a bad flare , on iv steroids and iv antibiotics , I was on Humira for the last year and it was very effective until the end of July and went downhill from there , so I'm a bit nervous about the change , hopefully all will go well .
  12. Tony H

    Humira and 6mp

    Hi got a call from my IBD nurse to tell me that in addition to Humira I'm going on 6mp , she said I had some antibodies in my last blood test and the 6mp would help with this and my joint pain and make the Humira work better , I got the script and told my gp and was told by my gp that I cant...
  13. Tony H

    Calprotectin Home Test

    Hi just back from a visit to my ibd nurse and she told me that I will be partaking in this new test from next month , http://www.ibdoc.net/buhlmann-launches-ibdoc-the-first-ce-marked-calprotectin-home-test/ Just wondering if any one else has had this yet ? the first one will involve me testing...
  14. Tony H

    Starting Humira Today

    Hi , been approved for humira and getting my loading dose in under an hour , really nervous , hope all goes well .
  15. Tony H

    Colonoscopy Yesterday

    Hi I had my first colonoscopy yesterday(in 3 years) and the prep went well , took picolax instead of klean prep (what a difference), anyway I was told I was to be sedated and was given the meds and o2 and waited to drift off to sleep and nothing happens , I was wide awake and felt every bit of...
  16. Tony H

    Predsol Retention Enemad

    Hi , can anyone tell me if predsol retention enemas are still available ? , I had a colonoscopy yesterday and I was told to take these , but the last time I was prescribed them (over 4 years ago ) they were very difficult to source here in Ireland . Thanks Tony
  17. Tony H

    Deltacortril or Prednisone (generic)

    Hi I'm in flaring quite badly at the moment and for the last week I have been on 40mg of deltacortril , its not really having any effect so far I normally take the generic prenisone and I'm wondering if the ENT coated deltacortril is as effective as the normal prenisone which usually calms a...