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    Can you eat dark chocolate and drink coffee without any problems?

    Coffee every day, 2 or 3 cups and dark chocolate occasionally - no issues.
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    Being Told to go on Imuran after surgrey

    Never had the thrush. I do recall that as a side effect of some medications..
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    Being Told to go on Imuran after surgrey

    I was on Imuran for almost 25 years, varying dosages with no issues.
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    Azatioprine side effects

    I went up to 150mg per day from 100 mg daily a few years ago when I was on Imuran for one of my maintenance drugs. No noticeable side effects aside from leukopenia, which resulted in her going back down to the 100 mg daily dose.
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    Chipped tablets

    It may have something to do with the mail order prescriptions and shipping. Mine were always pick up from the pharmacy and early on the Salofalk was in blister packs in boxes.
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    Hawkeye'e Fitness Thread

    Back at it again in 2020. Ran 2,6 km yesterday, it was nice enough that I ran outside. Up to running 4ish minutes and walking a minute.
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    Does orange juice cause any gut related problems for you?

    Never had any problems. Don't drink it anymore in the mornings though, dropping it was an easy way to cut sugar and calories.
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    Chipped tablets

    When I was talking 5ASA I would get the odd chipped tablet, butbtgey were few and far between. I just used them anyway. They were 500 gram tablets and I was taking 2 tablets 3 times per day if you do here the chipped tablets, I would space them out.
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    Corona Virus

    I'd be more worried about the flu.
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    Normal Fecal Calprotectin?

    My GI (also in Canada) mentioned 50 and below is normal I.e. nonIBD and that 50 to 150 is the target for managed disease (or at least that was my takeaway). The other thing, depending on the length of time one has had the disease is the use of colonoscopy to look for precancerous polyps or...
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    Stopping Imuran / azathioprine - symptoms back after few days

    I was on it for over 20 years and went off all meds after surgery. IMO, I'd want a bit more data than CRP to stop. I doubt my GO would recommend this without a scope and fecal cal. results
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    short term constipation relief?

    Miralax or Lax a day may work. My GI recommended it and my surgeon recommended it as well.
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    White Coat Black Art podcast

    Podcast about ostomies from a Whi medical show on CBC Radio (Canadian Public Radio) that originally aired earlier this year and was rebroadcast this past week https://www.cbc.ca/radio/whitecoat/i-m-alive-because-of-it-ostomy-advocate-fights-to-dispel-stigmas-around-the-procedure-1.5037264
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    Hawkeye'e Fitness Thread

    It's based on the program from the Running Room store, which I think has some similarities with the Jeff Galloway running programs.
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    Hawkeye'e Fitness Thread

    Right now I am running for 6 minutes and walking 1 minute for 3 sets. I will do that for another couple of days (I try to run every and day) and then do 2 sets of running for 8 minutes walk for 1 minute and then run for 2 minutes. After that it will be running 10 minutes and walking 1 minute...
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    Hawkeye'e Fitness Thread

    Still at it. Did a 10k and 5-5ks last year. Training for a 10 k.
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    Sticky What to expect after surgery

    I had a left hemicolectomy (about 20 cm removed including the descending colon, a quarter to a third of the transverse colon and a part of the sigmoid colon) by open surgery. Day 0 Surgery Day – Ended up with a urinary catheter in, and a PCA pump (I chose this over the epidural). I spent the...
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    Hawkeye'e Fitness Thread

    So, now that I have my resection well behind me I have taken up running again. Just started back at it a month or so ago after building up a base of walking. I am working up to running 10 minute intervals and walking a minute. I am now at running 3 minutes and walking a minute x 5 sets...
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    Resection Update

    Thought I'd post an update, This Thursday will be seven weeks since my left hemicolectomy. I met with the surgeon today for the follow up and got the clearance to go back to work, I am just waiting on my employers medical advisor to review the forms. Feeling well, a lot better than I did...
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    Surgery consult tomorrow - left hemi

    So I am booked for a surgery consult for a left hemi colectomy tomorrow. GI thinks they will take the descending colon and part of the transverse based on where the structuring is and blood supply to the colon. Reading through a lot of the posts on here it seems that right hemi colectomy...