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    Pyloric stenosis due to Crohn's?

    Hi all, Anyone had pyloric stenosis due to crohns, ulcers have narrowed my plyorus and a bit of my duodenum, all along it was throughout to be peptic ulcers due to stress , but a ct scan on my ulcers also picked up inflammation in my illieum some feet away, the ulcers are now healed due to...
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    Crohns and Cancer

    Hello, I know we have read that crohns increases the chances of bowel cancer, but I cant seem to find any decent statistics. Any of you guys developed cancer as a result of crohns? or know anyone who has?what are the chances? Anyone got any stats and figures?
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    Can Crohns be Dormant?

    Hello, Looking for some opinions and advice. I am 25 and was diagnosed with Crohns disease a few months ago, this was after 12 months of losing a serious amount of weight Initially the docs thought it was just ulcers in the duoduem, as they found quite a few there - I had put the weight loss...
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    Negative Biopsies

    Hi Has anyone had negative biopsies from a colonospy, even after being dianosed or having the signs and symptoms of crohns disease I find out my biopsy results soon and I am hoping they show something rather than be negative. What are they typically looking for?
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    Any Success Stories

    Anyone got any good Success Stories with Crohns? or heard any where people have gone decades in remission? What is the longest you have heard of someone being in remission after 1st diagnosis? is it possible to never have another flare up Has anyone read the Self Healing Colits and Crohns...
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    Vomiting after colonoscopy prep

    Hi Due to have my colonospy tomorrow, started the prep today, 2 hours in and I have vomited everything up. will they not be able to do the test now?
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    Are colonoscopy's painful

    Hi All I am nervous about my Colonospopy tomorrow, has anyone got any advice? are they painful? I am being sedated, but not full general anaesthetic. My GI is almost sure I have Crohns, my crp is 100ml, and my CT scan found inflammation in my right bowel. I have had Duodenal ulcers, weight...
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    anyone had any problems getting a mortgage or insurance? any tips? what kind of premiums have you had?
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    Do I have Crohns, Help diagnose me??

    Hi All, I am looking for some advice from members who have crohns, Can you please help diagnose me, and let me know if my symptoms are most likely crohns. here goes: I am male, age 25, I have no previous medical history having never been in hospital for anything, no problems, fully healthy...