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    Tapering Off Stelara

    I have been on Stelara for almost 5 years. Initially every 8 weeks, then every 4 weeks, now with symptoms controlled I am at about every 7 to 10 weeks. Over the past few years they have found a cyst on my pancreas, which is stable but worried that it is premalignant ( not sure if coincidence or...
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    Stelara ustekinumab malignancy rate.

    I have a weird pancreatic cyst/neoplasm that is probably premalignant. Was found a year or so after diagnosis. Not sure if coincidence or not. Now about 5 years after starting and wondering whether to taper and discontinue stelara. I'm not really sure that Stelara is doing much as I have not...
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    I have a headache

    I think that Stelara does cause headaches. Tylenol helps, but may require something stronger to break the headache.
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    Pancreatic Lesion

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am getting a second opinion. They are not even sure if I have pancreatitis. It's basically a pancreas cyst in the uncinate process. They aren't sure if there is pancreatitis, as most of the pancreas looks fine. They found the lesion about 2 years ago, and I...
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    Pancreatic Lesion

    Hi All, Over the past few years I have been monitoring a pancreatic lesion. They say its either a cyst or a branch duct Intrapapillary Mucinous Neoplascm (IPMN). When I spoke with my GI doc he said there may be some low grade pancreatitis causing this. Anyone have any experience with this? My...
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    Lol. Thank you for the advice. May try to supplement.
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    Anyone have any experience with Modulen? I am going through a mild flare right now and thinking of trying this out. How is it used? Is it better than just a protein shake like ensure?
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    Low dose Prednisone

    Maybe coming off the prednisone was not related to the flare? 3 years after stopping prednisone does not seem like it may be related?
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    COVID 19

    Anyone worried about the coronavirus and being on stelara?
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    I'm on stelara. Also worried. Although stelara seems to be less immunosuppressive than other medications?
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    I am on my first round. Seems to be working well. It's weird treating this, as I feel like when I had a real crohn's flare diagnosis it was easier to treat. Now I am not sure if I am treating the IBS or IBD. I hope it still continues to work after I discontinue the xifaxan.
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    how is the xifaxan working?
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    I have recently had symptoms of what I thought was Crohn's (gas, bloating, cramping, soft bowel movements). MRI shows no active inflammation. Tapering on Uceris. My doctor says I should try xifaxan. Anyone have experience with this drug?
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    What meds have failed before you starred stelara?

    Interesting. Only one injection per year?!
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    Repeat Loading Dose of Stelara

    So apparently the MRI showed no signs of inflammation. Doc thinks it may be SIBO. Although I am thinking maybe these symptoms are caused by the Florastor probiotic i've been taking.
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    Stelara and Neuropathy

    Yeah, mine resolved. Don't think it was stelara. I think it is most likely the Flagyl for you.
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    Stelara Cancer Risk

    I've been on stelara for over 2 years. Does anyone know if Stelara has an increased cancer risk compared to other biologics. And if so, is it worth switching to an anti tnf. Stelara is the only drug I tried.
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    Repeat Loading Dose of Stelara

    Just got the MRI yesterday. Anxiously awaiting the results.
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    MRI Enterography

    I am scheduled to undergo an MRI with gadolinium for a recent crohn's flare. I am having some reservations since I already had 2 MRI scans before. Should I ask my GI to schedule me just with oral contrast? I've just been reading various reports of long term toxicity with repeated MRIs. Any...