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  1. Grumbletum

    Scottish Crohn’s misery!

    Hello, Ally, from another Scottish Crohnie. I was diagnosed at the age of 51 in 2010. Bit of a bolt from the blue!!
  2. Grumbletum

    Back on active duty :-(

    Hello all Got back to Myanmar after Christmas, via a week stranded in Bangkok due to new visa regulations. Now find myself back here less than 3 weeks later. Started to get bad stomach pains, vomiting etc at the weekend. Went to see doc in Myanmar on Monday. Cos I'm a Crohnie he decided to do an...
  3. Grumbletum

    Happy New Year from Myanmar

    So how's everybody? I have just finished my first week's teaching and am in Yangon for the weekend staying with friends. The college is very run down but they have lulled out all the stops to turn the school library into a house for the Western teachers! And my students are wonderful. Very shy...
  4. Grumbletum

    Happy Nurses' Day

    Thank you for your dedication and all the differences you make xxx
  5. Grumbletum

    Fecal calprotectin result

    Have to say it was so nice to do a test that didn't involve a horrible prep, for a change! I did the test a few weeks ago and called the surgery for the result. My GP called me back and, thought she wasn't familiar at all with the test, said she 'did some homework.' I love her! She said my...
  6. Grumbletum

    Hey Dusty - just to say hi :-)

    No need to reply. Just wanted to say hope things are as well as they can be, love you, miss you :heart:
  7. Grumbletum

    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

    Bump :-)
  8. Grumbletum

    Post op review

    Off to the hospital in Inverness to see the GI tomorrow. Here's hoping I don't disappear into a black hole again :rof: After an unexpected 10 day stay in Sept 2011 and then 3 weeks in Sept last year, work are a tad anxious. I've run the payroll just in case! It's just an outpatient appointment...
  9. Grumbletum

    Calling David and all Yogi Bears!

    I've just found out that there is a small yoga group has started up on the island :yoshijumpjoy: It's been five years ................eeek....since I've done any and I've missed it so much. Just wondering, about 2.5 months after a laporoscopic resection ( and partial cystectomy ), if you think...
  10. Grumbletum

    Post op checkup

    I'm now exactly two months post op and continue to feel really well - yay! But as there has been no sign of a post op review appointment, I phoned the hospital. Seems the colorectal surgeon and GI's office have been playing ping pong about who should be doing the review. The surgeon who saw me...
  11. Grumbletum

    'Quiescent pancolitis.' Bemused.....

    I went for my flu jab today and to ask at the surgery if they'd heard anything about a follow up appointment after my recent resection. Anyhow, the nurse said there were a few letters on the system and we had a look at them. The one outlining my hospital stay started with my colonoscopy and MRI...
  12. Grumbletum

    Surgery tomorrow - yikes!

    Well, Freddie Kreuger the Fistula will finally bite the dust. They're gonna take a small loop of bowel that's stuck to my bladder where Freddie's been hanging out. I'm not even nervous.......yet. Just strangely relieved.
  13. Grumbletum

    All the fun of the fistula :-(

    I had a bowel to bladder fistula and abscess which healed on meds at the end of last year. Started having pelvic pain again, but lower down than last time and not with the severe UTI symptoms I had. I did go to the nurse with a sample and she gave me a three day course of antibiotic which helped...
  14. Grumbletum

    Gluten free meal planning

    First, I confess to pinching this idea from a very popular money saving forum that I'm a member of :redface: The idea is that you plan your menu for the week and post it, with any tips, links to recipes, ideas where to get cheap ingredients in your area etc. It was Josephine's thread that made...
  15. Grumbletum

    Bone healers?

    Hey there, just wondering if David and any other diet/ supplement gurus can advise on what to eat or take to aid healing of a broken bone?
  16. Grumbletum

    Remission: now what?

    After 3 infusions, and feeling brilliant since No 2, a colonoscopy has confirmed that I'm in remission. Now I may be mistaken and a bit befuddled by sedation, but I'm pretty sure my GI who was doing the scope said I didn't need any more Infliximab. Has anyone else been in this position?
  17. Grumbletum

    Remission :-)

    Confirmed by colonoscopy today. No sign of active disease. Will come off Infliximab but remain on Aza and have to watch out for signs of a possible small stricture in ilecaecal valve area. Other than that, next test in 6 months. I had a little weep, now I can't stop smiling :-)...
  18. Grumbletum

    Discoid eczema

    Finally tracked down on the net what the itchy, coin shaped patches on my legs are and it seems they could be Crohns related. They actually started appearing two or three years ago, but as they weren't majorly serious, I didn't do anything about them. Seems my body might have been giving me...
  19. Grumbletum

    Dry, flaky fingertips

    Don't know if it's a drug side effect or not, but it first started after my second infusion ( had three now. ) My fingertips - the pads - are all lined and dry, and they are cracking at the corners of the nails. Does anyone know a good handcream that might help?
  20. Grumbletum

    Kick the cigs club, anyone?

    I know from another thread that there are a few of us who have recently or are planning to kick the habit. I want to stop again and, being in a remote area, could do with the support of some like minded people :-) I stopped in Jan 2010 and stupidly started again around August of the same year...