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  1. crankypants

    MMP Research / immunization

    http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/12/111225144320.htm merry christmas to you too, science! :P
  2. crankypants

    Should I go on Aza or...?

    So I've been mostly in remission since a bowel resection ~10yrs ago. Past year I started getting obstructions, and they've cranked up to the point where I landed in the hospital last weekend. I've got 14cm of inflamed bowel, likely a new fistula forming, and severe scarring that's causing the...
  3. crankypants

    Partial obstruction/blockage - do you wait or see dr?

    partial obstruction/blockage - do you wait or see dr? I'm sitting here going thru my 8th partial obstruction within the past year or so. I've become pretty good at knowing it's coming (standard script: stomach blows up with gas, pressure feeling, can't poop, then a night of intense...