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    Causes of Crohns any guess

    The funny thing with me is that I'm not losing weight (unfortunately). With the amount of steroids I've been prescribed for the sinus and skin issues, I've actually gained weight over the past 6 years. Not in a good way.
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    My Journey - New to Forum

    Your normal. That certainly rings a bell for Crohn's. So many of us go undiagnosed for YEARS because we get used to the misery. My doc asked me why I hadn't gotten help earlier. Well, it's two part: healthcare sucked (military) but also because me and my guys always had diarrhea. Most folks had...
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    Causes of Crohns any guess

    As already mentioned in this thread, I believe it is just simply a malfunction of the immune system. I developed the symptoms of Crohns at the same time I started having issues with Allergic Rhinitis. I also developed eczema on my thigh at the same time. This essentially started in Iraq BUT I...
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    Undiagnosed suspected crohns

    Did you get a full blood test? The MCH levels would be elevated, which indicates blood cells too big, which is tied to anemia. This usually occurs with MCV also being high. Big cells and high volume. RBC and hematocrit tend to be low as well. These are not "guaranteed" signs of the beginning of...
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    Lump next to seton

    Sounds like another abscess forming. Have any cortisone handy? I had to Google what a seton was. Yikes! Have your doctors discussed going with a colostomy solution?
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    American Crohns in Europe

    Howdy Yall! I'm an American living in Europe (Hungary) and have had Crohns for 9 years, but only recently diagnosed in September. Started in 2011 while in Iraq, continued on into civilian life. I wasn't sure what the issue was as having diarrhea on a regular basis goes hand in hand with military...