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    Vedolizumab news

    Some useful progress with phase III trial: http://www.biocentury.com/dailynews/clinical/2012-05-11/takedas-vedolizumab-meets-crohns-endpoint
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    Diarrhea in I.B.D.

    There are many types of diarrhea including; inflammatory, secretory, infective, bile-salt,osmotic, exudative, and increased motility diarrhea. In I.B.D. the epithelium (thin layer of cells which line the intestine) can become extensively damaged. Loss of the epithelial lining affects absorption...
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    I've seen the light...

    I am stoopid! Imagine my squeals of surprise to find that rubbing one's torso (in the correct direction of course) and drinking tea (but not green tea) would cure me of my ills. And, if only I could have realized sooner that lutein, and putin in my diet were the real problems behind...
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    Promising Vedolizumab Trial Results

    Anyone using Vedolizumab? Phase III results are promising. I'm guessing it is a year away from common use. http://www.pharmatimes.com/Article/12-02-21/Takeda_s_vedolizumab_shines_in_Phase_III_ulcerative_colitis_trial.aspx
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    Sublingual Vitamin B12 experiment

    I have had a T.I resection. My B12 level was measured at 212, and I started sub-lingual Methylcobalamin B12 at 2000mcg/day (4 drops). This form of B12 was in a stable anhydrous base. After nearly two months of taking the sub-lingual dose the level rose to 385. I'd say in my case the...
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    Enough with the diets!

    Imagine going to China to tell them that rice and soy products are bad for them. Or how about to Italy to explain that pizza and pasta is no good. How about telling Indians that Roti (flat bread) and legumes are damaging. And then we could tell French people that croissants and pastries...
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    LGBT Crohn's Patients

    I don't know if he would have mentioned it Nogutsnoglory. If it was an issue he would have. The western media caused it eh! They used to say rock n' roll caused crime, and that toothpaste caused Crohns!
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    LGBT Crohn's Patients

    My youngest brother is gay, and has U.C. He's never mentioned any issues with discriminative healthcare but that doesn't mean he hasn't had any. It was a surprise when he told us. We all realized, beyond doubt, that there is no choice in the matter. How foolish people can be, even clever ones...
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    Anyone get worsening strictures on Humira?

    I have had inflamed strictures at T.I/ascending colon, and part transverse colon. Have done loading doses 4 shots then 2 shots. Yesterday I got a nasty obstruction with vomiting...felt like a broken bottle trying to go through. I haven't had this sort of thing for a long time. I know some say...