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  1. J

    Snowbirds - Tips to Organize Remicade in Florida?

    Canadian scheduling a winter stay in Florida & would like to organize a Remicade infusion while in the U.S. Otherwise, I'll have to fly back to Canada & return again to FL in order to take the 8 week infusion in Canada. Are there any other Canadians who have experience bringing their Remicade to...
  2. J

    Carbon Treatment-Perianal Crohn's- Never Heard of this Before

    I have never seen a discussion before on this type of treatment for Perianal Fistulas. " A Lump of Coal for Perianal Fistulas" http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/store/10.1002/ibd.20834/asset/20834_ftp.pdf;jsessionid=DA6342880ABB3201451A48570A60EB23.f03t01?v=1&t=hz65afy1&e2dd52fb
  3. J

    Fecal cal - available in Canada? Florida?

    The fecal calprotectin is not available in Nova Scotia,Canada. I would like to get this test done as part of my complete baseline package of testing I will be undergoing over the next couple of months. Is anyone aware of other Canadian provinces where I can get this test done? I'm also...
  4. J

    What MRI-MRE tests do you recommend?

    I have Perianal Crohn's and am currently scheduled for a Pelvic MRI. I currently have a number of setons in place & these will have to be removed temporarily prior to the Pelvic MRI. The setons are held together with metal clamps thus their removal is required for the MRI! I understand setons...
  5. J

    Has Humira closed your Fistluas?

    Currently have draining setons in place for perianal fistulas. Can you share your experience with Humira for perianal fistulas?
  6. J

    Perianal Crohns - Fistulas & abscessess

    Currently have draining setons & now another new abscess that was just incised and drained...Exploring the forum to try to understand what options are next. Exploring options & reading as much as possible re personal experiences, diet, supplements, medications, medical journals, both science...