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  1. lchele1203

    Gastrograffin enema

    Can someone tell me if this test is painful. I have one scheduled at the Cleveland clinic in 2 weeks and have never had one. It's funny I have had every other test but not this one. I also get to see Dr. Shen and Dr. Remzi who are known as the best doctor/surgeon duo.
  2. lchele1203

    Short segment wall thickening with moderate distention ileum

    MY CT scan stated I had short segment wall thickening of the distal ileum with moderate distention of more proximal ileum. Can someone tell me what this means?
  3. lchele1203

    Dr. Shen Cleveland Clinic

    Does anyone have a email address for Dr. Shen?
  4. lchele1203


    Does anyone else take simponi for their Crohns?