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  1. farm

    World Crohn's and Colitis Day

    Monday, May 23, 2011. Get your purple on. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Crohn%27s_and_Colitis_Day
  2. farm

    Just pissed

    Well after YEARS and YEARS and freaking YEARS of no remission I had yet another colonoscopy last week and to no one's surprise: Active Crohns: Moderate to Severe Narrowing of the ileo-colon No cause found for the bleeding, may be from higher up in the small bowel. Yay! Back on Entocort...
  3. farm

    What are you eating right now?

    With people here all over the world I though it would be neat to see what you are eating right now. I'm eating Salmon cakes with a glass of milk.
  4. farm

    This is not a vent!

    Well it’s been just about a year now that my current flare started up. During this flare I have had my ascending and transverse colon removed, started Remicade, and have learned fun terms such as “random vomiting”, “obstruction”, and “corticosteroid induced mania”. I have been in fights with...
  5. farm

    Med Change

    I was only on Pentasa and the Remicade. Now I'm back on Questran (which is terrible with Mt. Dew by the way) 1500mg Pentasa twice a day and Prilosec 2x daily. At least I'm off the Pred. for a while.
  6. farm

    I hate my guts!

    Just gotta get this out. I have GERD/acid reflux whatever they call it now. Sometimes I get blocks in my stomach and it doesn't allow the contents to get into the intestine. Thus my whole stomach fills with acid. This happened this week and the block finally let go but I'm so sick of this...
  7. farm

    Painful bowel movements with diarrhea

    A family member of mine is experiencing all the classic symptoms of Crohns. I've had it for 15 years and it looks all to scary from my view point. He only shares with me what is truly going on and hides it from his wife and kids. Here is the kick in arse. He has no medical insurance for...
  8. farm

    My surgery

    My surgery, lg bowel resection and open appendectomy, was back in december and I'm still finding junk out about it. How about in the report that I just now took time to read they cut out a "large section of intestine plagued with diversticulitis" but left part with "diversticulosis" intact...
  9. farm


    Online in the US http://www.walgreens.com/store/productlist.jsp?CATID=303382&selectedBrand=306304&ext=gooHome+Medical_Brand+Expanded+calmoseptine
  10. farm

    Something is wrong

    I don’t want to admit it but perhaps remicade is making my crohns worse!? Since my last infusion I have been going to the bathroom constantly and whether or not anything comes out my bowels contract so hard and so fierce I can barely stand it and at times feel as though I may pass out from the...
  11. farm

    Remicade Side effects?

    After my 1st infusion of Remicade I had no side effects other than being really tired about 8 hours afterwards. I had another infusion this past Thursday and I was fine until Sunday. Sunday I had terrible stomach cramping all day; Monday I had a migraine, Tuesday I was nausiated and very weak...
  12. farm

    Pain and blood in fecal matter

    Well my Crohns has been acting up for months now and I'm just waiting for my tests to come back so I can start Remicade. Friday was real bad, constant pain. Saturday was worse and nothing was helping so I went to the ER. The PA there was very understanding and ran some x-rays and tests on me...
  13. farm

    Hemi-colectomy and open apendectomy scar itching

    I had a right hemi-colectomy and open apendectomy back in December. I am currently going through the worst flare of my 15 year career with Crohns but my question is, does this scar ever stop itching? It's been 6 months and it's driving me crazy. Doc says it's normal and it could be a year...
  14. farm

    IBD = No Seeds!

    How many with IBD, Crohn's, or other have been told to avoid eating anything with seeds, such as strawberries, sesame seeds, etc? I have always been told not to eat them because they could stick in the lining of the intestine and irritate it or cause a flare. I know it's bad, but I can't resist...
  15. farm

    Crohn's = Pain Med Tolerance ?

    If you have Crohn's do you have a natural high tolerance to pain medication? Just my observances, but I have noticed that a lot of folks with crohn's have a high tolerance to pain meds. But is it a natural tolerance or built over time from being on pain meds for so long? I know when I was 18...
  16. farm

    Crohn's; not so common.

    I have had Crohn's for 15 years now. What I find kind of odd is that I have only met 2 other people who have it. I am so glad times have changed and now we have the power of the internet to find others like myself. Crohn's is such an embarrassing disease that many people who have it do not...
  17. farm

    New here but 15 years Crohn's Vet

    Hey everyone. I've had crohn's for 15 years now. Just had my first surgery (hopefully LAST surgery) for it back in December. They took out the ascedning and transverse colon, along with the ruptured appendix. Went back in March for a colonoscopy just to find out they, by no means, got it all...