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    C'ville VA Support group

    Is there anyone near Charlottesville, VA interested in starting a support group? Mostly just conversation and news about Crohns etc. Nothing overly formal. I am interested in hearing about other's experiences with UVA digestive health which I am very happy about though they seem overwhelmed at...
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    Entyvio Blood Test

    I have been on Entyvio for fourteen weeks and want to know how well the infusions are working. I don't have the normal symptoms of a Crohn's patient. I just end up in the emergency room with a partial blockage so it is hard for me to tell if it is working since my emergency room visits are years...
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    MTX mainenance survey

    I am currently injecting 25mg of MTX per week for active Crohn's and things seem to have gotten better with the Crohn's, bowel movements etc, but the MTX side effects aren't fun. I am having a colonoscopy next week and if things look good then I am hoping to convince my GI to lower the amount of...
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    Emulsifiers in certain foods

    An interesting article. Use this link: http://www.businessinsider.com/r-study-links-common-food-additives-to-crohns-disease-colitis-2015-2 Whit P.S.-You have to use the entire link to get to the article. Apparently the main culprits are polysorbate 80 and carboxymethylcellulose. Wjot
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    Is tramadol OK?

    Tramadol for pain? Has anyone had any experience with this drug to reduce joint and muscle pain? My GI doc would rather I use this drug and not use over the counter pain relievers. He says over the counter can cause a flare and should be avoided. Any users of tramadol? It is also called ultram...
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    MTX maintenance dose

    I have been on MTX for ten months and my Crohn's has gotten much better. My GI doctor has had me lower my MTX shot amount from 25mg to 20mg and wants me to lower it again in six weeks to 15mg as long as things are still stable. I am hoping to find others on this forum who have been on a long...
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    New to shots (methotrexate)

    I'm a little freaked out about giving myself a shot and though I'm going to have a nurse show me how the first time I wonder if anyone has advice to share when I'll be doing it by myself. Thanks, Whit
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    Pentasa andfatigue

    I have been diagnosed with a mild case of Crohn's and am on Pentasa, two 500mg pills four times a day for a total of 4,000 mg daily. Not only a I tired but exhausted. Any one else feel this way? How about problems sleeping? Thanks, Whit P.S.-I am curious about the dosage levels other folks are...
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    Tips for moving to solid food

    I've just gotten out of the hospital with my second partial blockage at the ileum and am on a smooth diet. I'm not getting much advice from the GI doctor about when to move on to semi-solid and then to more solid foods. I'm on prednazone and still have some stomach discomfort.. You might wonder...
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    Losing weight

    I seem to be slowly losing weight with my Crohn's and am thinking that maybe it is because the drugs I'm taking make it harder to digest the food as completely as necessary. I've thought about probiotics and was wondering about the best kinds to try. Any suggestions? Thanks Whit
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    My doctor wants to start me on Azulfidine (generic is Sulfasalazin) 500 mg two pills twice a day for a total of 2000 mg in all. Anybody been on this drug for Crohn's? Thanks. Whit Whitfield
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    Has anyone every heard of or used this drug for Crohn's? I've been having trouble with Asacol HD so my Dr. wants to start me on this drug at 500mg twice daily. It is an antibiotic. Hope there's info out there and thanks. Whit Whitfield
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    What are the side effects of asacol HD

    I am on 800 mg twice a day and have been for a year and in the past four months have been experiencing weird mood swings. Does anyone have the experience of going from carefree to feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders and could this drug be responsible? Thanks, Whit Whitfield
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    Soreness below bellybutton?

    Does anyone ever get sore below the belly button along with a feeling of being swollen in that area but still eat and excrete OK. At times when I bend over to tie my shoes and press on this area the pain increases quite a lot. After two weeks of this discomfort, including pain in my testicular...
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    Raw unpasturized milk

    Anyone tried this? I have been reading that raw milk has all kinds of good bacteria that for Crohn's suffers might lead to a healthier gut. Let me know. Thanks.
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    Rheumatologist useful?

    Angrybird suggested I see a rheumatologist since I have swollen joints and two herniated lower back discs. I know they deal with arthritis per se, but related to Crohn's? I am loath to spend more time in a doctor's office unless I think it might be worth it. So far, since I'm 68, most of the...
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    Mouth lesions

    When my Crohn's acts up I get sores on the roof of my mouth. My dentist thinks this is herpes simplex but my GP says it is not. She's not sure what it is but boy is it painful? Does anyone else experience this? Whit
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    New Member

    Hello everyone, I have been diagnosed with Crohn's at age 68 though I think I have had it for quite a long time. I went to the emergency room for a partial blockage and that's what triggered the initial diagnosis. I am looking for advice on lots of medical conditions that I believe are related...