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    I,m swallowing a camera next Monday (oh the joy)so I have been off my acid reflux tablets for a week with a week to go and i,m now barfing stomach acid and the remains of dinner does anyone have any ideas how I can damp things down without taking my meds and having to cancel next week.thanks
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    Newspaper article

    There's an article in today's Sunday Express reporting a big surge in cases of Crohns In Scotland and how there is a statistical increase in more northern latitudes and they are starting a new study lasting 3 years run by Edinburgh university
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    Crohns and Neanderthal Man

    A major study in nature magazine suggests they passed on genes involved in crohns and type2 diabetes and smoking addiction!seeming caused by inbreeding with Homo sapiens it was traced back to studies into the human genome
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    Scottish Daily: EU Funding Crohn's Research Project

    Article in the Scottish daily mail re crohns.new research project starting at the university of Edinburgh multi million pound funding by the European Union. if enough money gets flung at it hopefully some will stick!!
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    Hello crohns world

    Hello everyone,my story probably isn't,t much different to anyone else,took not well 2years ago at work (midnight Saturday night)had chest/abdominal pains had markers in my blood consistent with heart attack,luckily didn't,t have one.kept in overnight had ct scan/stress test heart was fine been...