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  1. SooBee

    Morning/Daytime Breakfast Diet Advice

    I’d try a low residue diet until the wind and bloating eases up. I also find that lactofree milk and gluten free help me most of the time.
  2. SooBee

    No response to medications, now having surgery

    I’ve had two bowel resections for obstructions with Crohn’s; the first in 1972, (removing 18”), which was really unpleasant. Took weeks to recover. I then had many pretty good years, although life is never going to be without problems once you have Crohn’s. I had the second resection in 2015...
  3. SooBee


    Some years ago I was put on this, didn't seem to help at all so stopped taking it. Recently my consultant has put me on it again and I'm getting stomach and abdominal pain, plus feeling bloated. It's been prescribed because I'm not processing bile salts properly, presumably due to two resections...
  4. SooBee

    Sjorgren's Syndrome

    I've has Crohn's for 45 years. Had a second bowel resection a year ago, very successful. I had been diagnosed a few years ago with degenerative spine, spodylolisthesis, acute osteo-arthritis of hips and knees. Had to wait for first hip replacement until my gastroenterologist had discharged me...
  5. SooBee

    Resection - Very Scared

    I was diagnosed with Crohns-Disease in 1971 when I was 21, although I'd had digestive problems since childhood. By the time my doctor realised what was wrong I had an obstruction. I'm 5' 8", usually 10.7 stone and by the time I was diagnosed, weighed 5.7 stone. I had a resection late 1971 when...