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    Entyvio out Remicade in

    After trying Cimzia and Entyvio with no improvement I'm now on Remicade. I've only had 1 infusion but it stopped the stomachs I've gotten for the last 4 years. I hope it continues to help me. My only complaint is insomnia.
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    Remicade and insomnia

    I was on Entyvio for 9 months but it was not improving my condition so Doctor switched me to Remicade. On Entyvio I slept very well, in fact it was hard to stay awake some evenings. After my first infusion of Remicade last week I got insomnia. I feel very agitated at night and can't fall...
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    Week 11 entyvio

    I'm on week 11 of Entyvio and still bleeding from intestinal ulcers. Is there any hope for me? I keep hoping Entyvio will heal the ulcers.
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    Cimzia didn't work for me

    I took Cimzia for 10 months with no bad side effects except sore joints. My big problem is bleeding from ulcers in The intestine. For about 4 months I thought the bleeding had stopped and then I hemoridged. I had a colonoscopy and it showed numerous ulcers. Two years ago I only had one and...
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    4 Months and not working yet

    I've been on methotrexate for 4 months and I am still bleeding from an ulcer in my colon. I also take Pentasa and Entocort. How long does it take for the Methotrexate to work????
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    Taking less Entocort?

    I am on Pentasa, which I will always take, but I also take 1 capsule of entocort per day. I am feeling really good right now but I'm afraid of what the entocort will do to me in the long run so I'm thinking about taking one capsule every other day. Has anyone tried this? Dee
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    Older person with Crohns

    Seems like most people on here were recently diagnosed with Crohns and are young. I am a 57 yr. old female and have had Crohns since 1974. At that time I had surgery and took Prednisone for a short time then was in remission for 30 years. 7 years ago I got a twisted intestine probably caused...