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    How to decide which biologic to take?

    Entyvio stopped working for me and it was recommended that I try a different biologic. The Doctor recommended Humira, Stelara or Skyrizi, but he was opened to try other biologics as well. How do you compare them to pick the one that is best for you? Is it just a try-and-see method or do you...
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    Modifying drug dosage/frequency intake

    Knowing that the response we get from taking medication can't be exactly predicted I wonder if doing some small tests on yourself with the intake frequency and dosage wouldn't be beneficial. The goal is to maximize the benefits and to limit side effects. I don't discuss this with the doctor...
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    Vagus nerve and Crohn's disease

    I came across some articles discussing trials where the vagus nerve stimulation was used in the treatment of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. Does anyone have some experience with such treatment? Is this something that can be done at home?
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    switching treatment

    I am on Entyvio which worked well for the last 2 years, but symptoms returned in the last few weeks. When a biologic loses effectiveness do you switch right away to a new drug? I had a brief episode or symptoms while being on Entyvio but decided to hold on and the symptoms subsided. How long...
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    when to take the vaccine if taking biologics

    I am on Entyvio with infusions every 2 months. My doctor recommended to take the vaccine one month after the infusion. I guess the idea is to have minimal interference between those two medications. I was not able to find any studies that would confirm this. Entyvio site has no information at...
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    improvement after taking Entyvio

    After years and years of trying to improve my Crohn's with diet changes I finally decided to start a doctor recommended treatment. This wasn't an easy decision for me as I am very reluctant to follow medical advice if not supported by enough evidence. In case of Entyvio, based on the clinical...
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    Covid-19 and immunosuppressant medications

    I talked today with my gastrologist about starting Entyvio. I had a concern regarding the increased risk of taking the drug during the epidemic. The information I received: Based on the initial data we see in Europe and China, patients taking immunosuppressant drugs like Remicade, Humira or...
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    Vitamins and mineral supplements

    It is easy to find vitamins and mineral supplements that provide 100% of required daily intake. Do they really provide everything that our body needs? Can I just add empty calories, have two pills a day and be done? I am not advocating this as a solution, but just trying to find out how this...
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    Entyvio and the immune system

    Entyvio works differently than other biologics by focusing specifically on the GI tract. It prevents an excess of white blood cells from entering into the GI tract. Does it mean that the chances of getting an infection while taking it are smaller than when taking other types of biologics? The...
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    Would you take this drug?

    I have a decision to make. Most people just follow their doctor's recommendation, but I like to actually read the drug information before making a decision. I will not mention the drug name so we can concentrate on the numbers: Percentage of patients in clinical remission after one year...