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  1. alohakim18

    Stomach pain and antacids

    Hi everyone, I'm just looking to see if antacids help anyone with stomach pain. I'd been having stomach pain as well as abdominal pain. My uninterested GI just quickly wrote me a scrip for Zantac. ( i have recently changed doctors) I was wondering if anyone finds that it helps reduce stomach...
  2. alohakim18

    How do I afford my meds when I have to leave the hospital

    Hi all, I am assuming that I will be out of this hospital soon. I am now having heart problems so the meds are piling up. I am so broke from being out of work for 6 weeks after my first surgery. I'm not sure what to do. They are going to discharge me sometime this week with a list of...
  3. alohakim18

    HELP! Newly diagnosed at 42 AFTER bowel resection

    Hi all, First I have to express thanks to all that post their experiences on this forum!:applause: It has really helped me to read everyone's story even though there is such a wide variance as to how IBD affects people. PLEASE READ TO THE BOTTOM AS THAT IS WHERE MY MAJOR QUESTION IS, sorry...