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  1. Ebru

    I feel like the hospital is duping me

    Hello people, I recently got the results of my rectal MRI, and they said they found no fistula. Despite the fact that I clearly had a perianal abscess, and have walked with a draining hole for months with recurring mini abscesses/infection. The place of the supposed fistula isn't doing...
  2. Ebru

    Erythema Nodosum ?

    Hello people, I had the skin lesions below multiple times. I found it under the name Ulcus, but there was no mentioning of it being related to Crohn's, until I found said image on another result that called in Crohnie lesions, and related to IBD. Is that true? Does EN present itself as ulcers...
  3. Ebru

    MRI for suspected perianal fistula

    I get an MRI because of a suspected perianal fistula, and I wonder if it also shows whetether the tracks goes to the vagina or not. Does anyone know? :soledance:
  4. Ebru

    Appointment with GI but fistula closed

    Hello people, I had an abscess treated at the ER. The GP who refered me had noted it was a sinus pilonidalis (although I was a 18 year old girl with not much hair there) but the physican assistant/surgeon had diagnosed it as perianal abscess. Looking back, her diagnosis was pretty ridiculous...
  5. Ebru

    Colon cramps, what's normal?

    Hello people, Something I've wondered about is when colon cramps are normal, or when they should get checked out. I had instances where my own colon movement would wake me up from my sleep, and when I looked, I saw my whole abdomen sucking in from the cramping. Does this also happen in IBS...
  6. Ebru

    Dad avoids talking about IBD

    Hello people, I've been here for a while because of my diarrhoea, lower belly pain and local swelling, abscesses and my current perianal fistula and weight loss (over 13 lbs). I was first diagnosed with swollen ovary (it turned out that this wasn't the case and later IBS, but when my GP saw the...
  7. Ebru

    Beginning arthritis?

    What are the first signs that you start to develop arthritis (as Crohn's complication or not)? I often have pain in my knees, ankles, wrists and my hands and I had a day where my knees became slightly red and swollen. But these symptoms come up randomly and are short-lived, but everytime it...
  8. Ebru

    MRI without contrast, faulty echo?

    Hello, Before Crohn's was regarded as a possibility, my doctor had send me for an echo because of swelling and pain in the lower belly region. She thought it was something with my ovary. The radiologist who did the echo said it was a swollen ovary but the gyno said there was no such thing...
  9. Ebru

    Hidradenitis Suppurative vs CD-related abscess/fistula?

    Hello, Are there any differences between Hidradenitis Suppurative and Crohn's-related abscesses/fistula? I had one episode of an anal abscess. High night fever. Got it drained at the Emergency Room. Later, it returned as fistula that leaks puss often. My rectum (inside) also hurts. At least...
  10. Ebru

    What's the name of this intestinal part?

    The marked area (not the round circle) is where I feel my pain, in the lower belly on the border the pubic area. What's the name of that part? I know it's the small intestine but is it the terminal ileum or something else? Thank you a lot in advance!! (I have an appointment with a GI/GE...
  11. Ebru

    Vagina air, normal or fistula?

    When does passing air through the vagina becomes abnormal? I get a lot of farts/air through my vagina, and I already have a perianal fistula so I should watch out if it has become a recto-vaginal fistula, but where do you draw the line? Sorry for all the topics I've started, it are many and...
  12. Ebru

    Partial ileus misread as severe constipation on MRI?

    Does this ever happen among doctors ? It seems like many doctors already show a lack of care towards IBD, since they throw everything on IBS anyway. Or is severe constipation a symptom of a ileus that is developing?
  13. Ebru

    Abdomen pain relief and fistula

    Hello people, I had chronic lower abdomen pain but now I have a fistula that leaks a lot! The thing is, the more the fistula leaks, the less stomach pain I have. It's the first time in a year that my abdomen/belly isn't hurting like hell. Is this is a coincidence, or should I think that my...
  14. Ebru

    Abscess and fever

    I had an abscess one and every evening I'd get fever and joint pain. This would last the whole night with severe sweating. I had to get up every 4 hours for a new dosis Ibuprofen. The thing is, in the morning and during the day my temperature would return to normal and the fever would be gone...
  15. Ebru

    Do people without IBD ever develop perianal fistula?

    Hello people, I know no one in my personal life who ever got a perianal disease like abscess or fistula. Not family members (who would trust me with such things!) or close friends, guys in a relationship. Basically, I never heard of it until I got one myself and the first thing my GP said when...
  16. Ebru

    Recto vaginal fistula or not?

    I hope I'm just delusional or whatever but I noticed some green-like pus coming out from my vagina. One main symptom that can confirm a recto-vaginal fistula is if you also have stool drainage from it. But what is this stool supposed to look like if it comes from the vaginal fistula? I had...
  17. Ebru

    Fistula leaking

    Hello people, Does more inflammation/active Crohns means more leaking? I have no official diagnosis but had an perianal abscess almost a year ago and despite the fact that doctors said it healed and closed, there's now a small hole, it's sometimes leaking but now it got really worse. How...
  18. Ebru

    Can an MRI without contrast dismiss Crohn's??

    I got a MRI without contrast and there was no anomaly despite the fact that I have pretty bothersome symptoms like diahrea followed by constipation which lasts approx. 4 days, weight loss (6kg/over 13lbs) and perinal fistula. My life is restricted by stomach pain. The MRI was ordered by a...
  19. Ebru

    Not noticing weight loss

    Hello people, A week ago I found out that I, apparently, had lost almost or 6 kg. I knew my clothes weren't fitting. I had just ordered a legging size 34/S, my normal seize, but it's too big and I no longer have an ass in it, but that's all I noticed. It's not that I see a dramatic change in my...
  20. Ebru

    Can an MRI diagnose possible Crohn's?

    I wonder about this. I had no contrast.