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  1. Mercury1


    Hi Guys, I have a problem and need some advice. Currently I am 6 months post-surgery but I still have a problem eating (have to run to the bathroom right after I eat). I know I don't need to say anymore, you guys understand. Anyway, I was invited to a party Saturday night. From what I was...
  2. Mercury1

    Post surgery...Stricture

    Hi all, Im in week #7 after surgery. Feel good and eating right but I have a pain in my right lower abdomen. Not major, just enough to worry me. Before surgery when this happened it usually went away with a run to the restroom so Im wondering if I just have some "food traffic" there that's...
  3. Mercury1

    Hello, New here :)

    Hi everyone, My name is Al, I am 42 and I just found your forum. I am here because, like most of you, I have Crohn's and it's hell sometimes. Here's my story: After two hospitalizations, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease when I was 37, five years ago. The hospitalizations, for Crohn's...