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  1. BWS1982

    Equality means EQUALITY!

    I don't know why I get involved in some things (too much obsession fused with passion) but I had to snap back at an online thing when I saw some (supposedly) women rallying to a man-hating cause. This makes me FURIOUS that "equality" is what some preach, but then when you break it down, what...
  2. BWS1982


  3. BWS1982

    Probiotics aid fat loss??

    I know most of us can't have dairy, but this bit of information from a British bit of research interested me: Sounds promising....Full list of foods is here: http://health.yahoo.com/experts/eatthis/33631/6-essential-flat-belly-foods/ This is the first time I've seen probiotics mentioned for...
  4. BWS1982

    Status on BWS

    status on BWS Since my symptoms have calmed some lately (but not remission) the doc that I have wants a scope, a real colonoscopy (not a sigmoid like I had a year ago)...He's never done one himself (on me, thanks Kelly :) ), I've only seen this GI for 6 months. I haven't had a full one in 1.5...
  5. BWS1982

    Curse the Immunomodulation

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_swine_flu_emergency Splendid Basil!!
  6. BWS1982

    Azathioprine levels above 200 mg

    Anyone ever take Aza at really high levels like 250 mg or so? I was up to only 125mg at my previous max last year, but as a last effort to elude the surgical strike with this disease, my current GI over the last 3 months has slowly increased it to now 250 mg (and if my metabolite levels aren't...
  7. BWS1982

    This seems to be solid info for anyone

    At least for the most part, I "approve" of these tips, since a lot of people are having concerns about strategies, thought I'd share a page I found that seemed sound by most aspects, though, IBD will alter the implications here, of course (fiber, etc... do as you can tolerate of course)....but...
  8. BWS1982

    Thyroid Surgery Paradox

    My original doc had a good level of qualification at hand, I had 2 appts with him, and a set date for surgery, but then last week out of left field he said he's uneasy about the challenge presented by my Crohns being so active, so he refers me to a doc who's just down the hall from my GI...
  9. BWS1982


    http://health.msn.com/health-topics/heart-and-cardiovascular/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100219913&GT1=31013 I recall a lot of people here, if not most, stated they get less than 8 hours. I get 8 or more 99% of nights, it's one of my top priorities, but that comes from prior to Crohns, from...
  10. BWS1982

    Oh yeaaahhh Boooiiiiiiii

    As of, what looks like the beginning of November, I can (in theory) now eat Burger King finally, should the occassion arise. If fast food was ever chosen, I was only eating Wendy's for having the lowest trans fat content (of more or less zero grams) of the cheap ones (Wendy's, McDonalds, Burger...
  11. BWS1982

    Why can't I be left alone!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

    I'm ******* sick of having to deal with Crohns, it's enough of a sh*tstorm, now this morning the nurse practitioner for my endocrinologist calls me and states that my thyroid ultrasound from yesterday shows the nodule's increased in size, not decreased like we were trying to do with 50 mcg's of...
  12. BWS1982

    I've been saying this all along

    About eggs, that is, and dietary cholesterol, but yet the myth of it being directly aligned to LDL levels still perpetuates and prevails. I read studies on this years ago, and here's another mention in an article. They're even good for fending off breast cancer, obesity, and macular...
  13. BWS1982

    I found this to be a bit interesting

    For those that linger between soy milk and dairy milk, it doesn't touch much at all on the nutritional aspects, but it does on the environmental ones, for those of us with the capacity to see past our own meager lives and to the bigger picture. Not that it's a hands down decision one way or the...
  14. BWS1982

    The Crohns Survey

    I always see those cool, rich, healthy people answering fun surveys online, I want a 'crappy' one. If you have another ailment (UC, IBS, Celiac, Diverticulitis, Proctitis....) just assume "Crohns" as your illness and mention it at the start. You can just copy, paste, and edit to answer...
  15. BWS1982

    Factoids on sleep, some info

    factoids on sleep, some info http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20080804/sc_livescience/5thingsyoumustknowaboutsleep I see a lot of talk about sleep troubles here, most of mine if any are usually medication related, but this still may help some of you.
  16. BWS1982

    Anyone on Cimzia?

    I am very soon starting Cimzia after failing with any response from Remicade and basically everything else too....anyone (US in particular because it's recently approved, but anyone's welcome to chime in) speak on this drug and anything related to it? How often, anything I should know etc... Thanks
  17. BWS1982

    Feel like snappin? "What could have been"

    [edited out for personal reasons, to summarize: Disability has been a major pain the ass and are continuing to give me problems all over, currently I'm fighting with an appeal] Someone needs to die. :angry-banghead: Anyways, other than that debacle, I recently also have been upset by the fact...
  18. BWS1982

    Just to brief you on Trans Fats

    Not that this is breaking news, but the topic comes up once in a great while, and due to the gravity of it as far as a health issue goes, I wanted to just put up an overview on Trans Fats. The source is against them, but really the only ones "for them" are restaurant owners and...
  19. BWS1982

    An update on my IBD escapade

    Well, after reporting several times recently of losing ground to this damn disease even on Remicade for 3.5 months, going off the pred and seeing some more blood and back towards more BM's a day (around 8), the doc is really not liking things. So he's gone ahead with asking I do an "abbreviated...
  20. BWS1982

    IBD booklet on meds I have

    I got this at the Symposium thingy I went to on 3/29, and thought I'd upload the 6 pages (including the copyrights). It's couple years old, but should be acurate still. There should be a wealth of info here from very reputable sources.