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  1. t-bone

    Scared!! Osteoporosis at 36 :(

    ... searched and found nothing, so resurrecting an old thread that had some good information I requested a DeXA awhile back, and I finally got it done I wanted this imaging set because of all of the hysteresis in my CBC blood labs. Pretty crazy high (but steady) hemoglobin and hemocrit, with...
  2. t-bone

    Stelara Level 1.9

    I sincerely appreciate your (always) thoughtfull replies! Working with insurance today on coverage for 2023 will update later today Thanks again for your thoughts!
  3. t-bone

    Stelara Level 1.9

    I've been on the 56 day cycle of Stelara for a bit over two years. Been having significant (and increasing) lower right quandrant pain Recent CTE shows ongoing inflammation in the terminal ilieum ... I have found a wide variety in what's considered a normal level ... Does the actual...
  4. t-bone

    HUMIRA shipping ?!

    cryo packing can be done at home with some creativity using several different types of packing strategies / media where are you located? where does it need to ship to? Expected transit time?
  5. t-bone

    Ended up in the ER ugh

    ... that’s unfortunate news hope things turn around soonest
  6. t-bone

    Update about my hubs

    Most excellent! ...its heartening to hear good news every now an then I remember your postings from last year, and am super happy thing worked out well for you and your husband. Having you on his team is a great blessing, and now with good and attenative health care team things are just going...
  7. t-bone

    Withdrawal from entocort?

    Sorry to hear of your troubles Lynda, sounds like a buncha stuff stacking up. i've seen you posting around the board tho, and i know you'll get thru this just fine ... it's just gonna suck for a bit, and that's that ... but, better days are ahead I had a lot of breakthru as I tapered as well...
  8. t-bone

    Stelara self-injection

    Congratulations! (y)
  9. t-bone

    Elevated Hemocrit and Hemoglobin

    K, Thanks for the reply. Your post covers a lot of the *general* things known about this It's when you start testing that things start to get confusing and contradictory ... and on a granular level, very little of my situation tracks what is "known" it is what it is, ... and it's time to go...
  10. t-bone

    Crohn's and PDA/High functioning autism

    Thanks for your post :) i struggle with a lot of the same, Diane one of the hardest part is the variability ... one moment fine ... next not so much the hardest part is not being able to get the words out
  11. t-bone

    Elevated Hemocrit and Hemoglobin

    Thanks for checking in! I sure appreciated your help last year!(y) spo2 is actually getting a scosche better Averaging around 85~89% i think the portable oxygen concentrator i'm using at night helps that a bit it's an old, and tired unit and i have it set on 1.5 liter a minute, and only use it...
  12. t-bone

    Elevated Hemocrit and Hemoglobin

    yes, i have a new provider see above post, he's not much help ... kinda the opposite in fact :mad: i kinda liked the first doctor, his staff, and his opinion better, ... lol ... Sorry if that sounds flippant, but i'm desperately trying to keep my sense of humour I'll add some details in my...
  13. t-bone

    Elevated Hemocrit and Hemoglobin

    Thanks for checking in, MLP! I'm taking my dog out to the grasslands for a walk and thought I'll reply in depth when i get back, but yeah, this whole thing has been a debacle ... i can hurt feelers when i ask technical questions doc can;t answer ... i try hard to not do so, but damn, when they...
  14. t-bone

    Crohn's and PDA/High functioning autism

    Hope all is well with folks who posted in this thread almost ten years ago :) ... can't believe this is the only thread that can be found by searching autism here on this forum (other than my mess of a thread on 2020 and the challenges it has brought to some of us ) So, I'll bump this one as...
  15. t-bone

    Elevated Hemocrit and Hemoglobin

    ... that time ... again ... only took two weeks to get called back in (and yet it took another two weeks to get an appointment o_O ) hospital is shambles professor retired / my favorite doc and his nurse in that clinic left,( citing hostile work enviroment ), so i'm not the only one that...
  16. t-bone


    ... raises hand I really wish i had sage words of advice I've get results for hemoglobin/hemocrit and a few other markers that just absolutely make no sense in a crohns patient ... and a buncha anomolies as well Truly sucks to not know what they mean! I've become a bit needle shy over it ...
  17. t-bone

    A "friend" stressed me out bad

    ... that sounds like a very impactful and unfortunate situation ... I certainly feel for you, that's kind of an insensistive thing for a friend to do and say. I think many people don't understnad this condition well, if at all, so i usually consider the source before i take things too much to...
  18. t-bone

    Stelara self-injection

    Lynda, So happy you've got this problem! (yeah, sounds weird, lol ) but i'm just glad you got approved, got the infusion under your belt, and now youre ready to home administer maintainence dosing I'm hoping you get as much relief/healing with this medication as i ( and many others ) have MLP...
  19. t-bone

    Insight for my hubby please

    i feel like somebody smarter than me should be replying here, and hopefully, they will be along shortly .... In the meantime, take a step back and reflect on the most important fact You're there for him, (like my wife is for me) Just knowing that he's got a solid support system in place on...
  20. t-bone

    C-Diff Testing

    Sorry to hear of this latest challenge. I hope you get some solid information at that appointment and get things headed back to wellness Good luck!