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    Feeling rundown

    Probably 5 years with remicade, 3 with humira and 3 with stelara
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    Feeling rundown

    I am currently taking Stelara. My body built up antibodies to remicade and humira. I’m hoping my body isn’t doing that again
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    Feeling rundown

    Does anyone else feel rundown towards the last two weeks before their next dosage? It’s been getting gradually worse. My provider is wanting a lab draw and will hopefully get me approved for getting a dose every 6 weeks.
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    Crohn’s tattoo

    Crohn’s tattoo I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo to signify my struggles with this disease. I can’t seem to find anything that I HAVE TO HAVE yet. Does anyone out there have an example or inspiration? Thanks
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    Life without a colon

    Just wondering what to fully expect after I get my colon removed in October. My surgeon gave me a 99% guarantee that I will not need an ostomy. Thanks
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    Humira no longer working

    I've been on Humira for 18 months or so. Unfortunately I think my body is rejecting the medicine. I have been very exhausted since taking my last dose Monday night. This same thing happened with remicade.
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    First dose of Humira today

    I was expecting much worse. I wouldn't suggest poking yourself in the leg I am tired/exhausted like after a dose of Remicade. I hope that this goes away after I sleep well tonight. I'll update here if anything changes.
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    Extreme Exhaustion After Infusion

    I've been on Remicade for about 4 years. I got my most recent infusion on Monday and have been extremely exhausted since. I normally can cure this with a quick cat nap afterwards, but not this time. My appetite since has been non-existent and there has been a very slight dull pain where i...
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    Had my first Colonoscopy yesterday

    The results scared the living heck out of me. They found that there are a bunch of polyps in my lower colon and massive stretching in my small intestine. The entire procedure was very painful, even with all the sedation. Now I have to wait a week for my consultation with my Dr. I'm just...
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    New to the whole deal

    First of all, I want to thank anyone who responds or gives any type of advice. And also to the creator, admin and everyone else on this site for making it seem like a very useful tool. I know I feel isolated with my Crohn's, so it's nice knowing that I'll have a whole community to lean on...
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    Crohn's frustrations

    I was diagnosed in May of this year. I was put on a pred step-down immediately after leaving the hospital; long story. Now I am on Remicade and in remission, THANK GOD!!!! I initially lost 20 lbs when I was first treated, but am now up 40 lbs since then. I have cleaned up my diet, less red...