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  1. Daydreamer88


    My boyfriend of 2.5 years asked me to marry him last Friday. He's been with me through everything with my Crohns and never left my side. He's a keeper! I had to tell someone!!!
  2. Daydreamer88

    My tum tum hurts...

    I totally forgot that the cereal I've always REALLY loved has a lot of fiber in it... GREAT. Another thing i can add to my "Cannot Eat List"
  3. Daydreamer88

    Some People Just SUCK

    I am so sick and tired of people not believing me when I say that I'm not feeling good so I can't go out or going to some one's house. When your sick you don't feel like going out Do you? Sorry I'm just venting because one of my Best "Friends" has been telling people that I'm not really sick...
  4. Daydreamer88


    Is anyone on disability? Like through social security?
  5. Daydreamer88

    I'm not feeling good now..

    For the last couple of days now, I have really not been feeling good. I'm trying to just eat soft things but it's not helping. I was asked on Friday in one of my college classes, "if you had one day were you could do anything you wanted to do, What would you do?" Know what my answer was? I said...
  6. Daydreamer88


    My Doctor is thinking of switching me to humira. I'm terrified of needles and don;t think I can inject myself. What are somethings you all have experienced and is it worth it? I need some advice other then my Doctors.
  7. Daydreamer88

    Dealing with Teachers.

    So being in school while dealing with this disease is really hard Right? I was taking a weight training class this last quarter and i knew right away that i would be missing some days of school due to flare ups and treatments and that my immune system is compromised that i may get sick. I...
  8. Daydreamer88

    Meds I've been on and Natural Supplements that worked for me!

    Asacol - No luck Prednisone - Gained weight Imuran - Extreme Joint Pain Remicade - Took 6 treatments to notice a slight difference Vicodin for pain Natural Supplements that worked! 100 mg Aloe Vera Boswillia Slippery Elm
  9. Daydreamer88

    Starting Adult Life Sick

    I'm really sorry it's so long but it's been a long and rough 2 and half years... I had just graduated from high school in the summer of 2007. I started 2 new jobs and I also started going to community college in the fall and thought that my life was about to take off as a normal young adult. I...