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  1. Jmrogers4

    Travel- how do you get your infusions?

    Son goes away to school, he has had home infusions starting in the dorms his freshman year and then his apartment, he sees his GI here in town either on breaks or through telehealth. We go through optioncare and he has easily switched infusions from school home to home home if he is going to be...
  2. Jmrogers4

    Covid vaccine antibody Home game for ibd

    Hmmm interesting, Jack's GI is wanting him to get a 4th booster
  3. Jmrogers4

    Heard from Doc today

    Just want to give big hugs, haven't been on the forum for quite some time.
  4. Jmrogers4

    Success Stories

    What a great day to get a notification on this thread. I have so much to be thankful for. Jack continues to be in remission on remicade I think we're coming up on 8 years in January. He has about another year in college after taking off a year and several degree changes but it's doing well...
  5. Jmrogers4

    Success Stories

    That makes me so happy! Love seeing these kids (not kids anymore) out living their best life
  6. Jmrogers4

    I was alway very scared to have children

    My husband has Crohn's my oldest son has Crohn's (dx'd at 10) my youngest son does not. I will say that my son's experience everything happened much quicker. Hubby was dx'd after an abcess landed him in the hospital for a couple of weeks, it took about 6 months for him to get that diagnosis...
  7. Jmrogers4

    My sons crohns story. Now remicade??

    I just want to give my son's story about lack of serious symptoms and Crohn's my son was 10 at dx and put on azathioprine (similar to 6mp) he did okay the really noticeable symptoms went away we thought fantastic we can just carry on but he quit growing, of course, this wasn't really noticeable...
  8. Jmrogers4

    Remicade and going off to college

    That's great, glad things are going well. My son had a suite style also, he still had 3 others in the suite. They all had their own room but shared a bathroom, living room and kitchenette, it even had a washer and dryer in the suite it was great. Good luck with school hope the wifi is up and...
  9. Jmrogers4

    Son starting remicade in a couple hours...

    Welcome to the Remicade club, hope it works wonders for him. My son started on it at 14 1/2 after trying many unsuccessful treatments for 4 years. He is 21 now and still doing well. Remicade gave him his quality of life back.
  10. Jmrogers4

    Heard from Doc today

    Happy Birthday O! Trying to get caught up on all our kids I've been MIA for a while. Jack turned 21 in July - Where did the time go??? We had a few people over for a socially distant backyard bar. I told him he absolutely could not go out to the bars. They had a great time sitting around...
  11. Jmrogers4

    A Cautionary Tale

    Nice to see you back I've wondered how your kids are doing. I only pop in occasionally myself but I always say I'm going to do better. I'm going to see if I can get Jack back on Vitamin D, he was taking it a few years ago because he was pretty low. When he was home from university over the...
  12. Jmrogers4

    My 10 year old Boy - prescribed Humira for life before any diet assessment

    Much the same as others have stated, we tried diets we even tried LDN but it wasn't until remicade that things truly changed and got better. If I would have started earlier could we have saved him some of the mental anguish from being delayed in growth and development. Obviously his physical...
  13. Jmrogers4

    Recently diagnosed with Crohn's

    We tried the SCD diet at one point, no gluten at another. He was such a picky eater that we just couldn't get enough calories to even see if it helped or not. He has done EEN as a treatment in place of prednisone and it worked well, he has also done supplemental nutrition with pediasure...
  14. Jmrogers4

    Recently diagnosed with Crohn's

    Thanks CIC! I wish for remission and success for all our kiddos
  15. Jmrogers4

    Recently diagnosed with Crohn's

    No side effects, he is still on Remicade. I get wanting to try other lesser meds as those that have been around can attest to I was terrified of him going on Remicade or one of the other "big" drugs. I and his GI to some extent didn't think he was "bad enough" His biggest symptom was lack of...
  16. Jmrogers4

    Much Ado About Nothing! eh!

    I've wanted to learn to play bridge for a long time. I think I definitely need to do that. 2 of my really good friends that I've known since high school we all became empty nesters at the same time so I see them a lot more now that we're not all involved with our kids' activities. We were...
  17. Jmrogers4

    Recently diagnosed with Crohn's

    As a mom that had time wasted on going up the ladder of medication and of course hindsight is always 20/20. My son stopped growing and developing for 4 years while we tried other medication. He has been on Remicade for 6 1/2 years now and has been in remission the entire time. He went through...
  18. Jmrogers4

    Much Ado About Nothing! eh!

    Thanks, he's all grown up in fact most of the time I'm an empty nester although they are both home now and I'm loving it
  19. Jmrogers4

    Tater Tot and Remicade

    Well it's been over a year since I've updated so in case anyone is interested. Jack is still on Remicade and going strong, he is home and just finished his last final on Friday for this school year. He is working part time at Mod Pizza they are still closed for dine in and he is cooking pizzas...
  20. Jmrogers4

    Remicade and going off to college

    Sorry, I just saw the tag... Yes my son is currently in college just finished junior year. My son is about 4 hours away so you're right not doable or practical for infusions but kept his doctor here, he is still in the same state though. He has infusions done by a home health nurse who came to...