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  1. Lynda Lynda

    Stelara Support Group

    Started my Stelara "every 6 week" first injection today. I really have no patience for all of these unknowns. Try this drug, try that drug. It is a circle of illnesses, medications, doctor visits, blood draws and scans. Just had a thyroidectomy too. 🤦‍♀️
  2. Lynda Lynda

    Anyone take Budesonide instead of Prednisone

    Well, still on Budesonide for 2 years now. They tried to taper me off of it and my terrible diarrhea came back. Now starting Stelara every 6 weeks instead of every 8 weeks to try to get my.Stelara level higher. Still on methotrexate too. And yipee, had a thyroidectomy 2 weeks ago.
  3. Lynda Lynda

    Overview of Azathioprine & 6-MP

    It is 2023 now. I have a diagnosis of Crohn's Disease. I give myself Stelara injections and take Budesonide, Methotrexate and Folic Acid.
  4. Lynda Lynda

    Standard drug level for Stelara?

    I know that this has nothing to do with this thread or Crohn's disease but I am having my thyroidectomy next Tuesday. My endocrinologist has been monitoring my thyroid nodules for quite a while now and has even done biopsies and the biopsies come back inconclusive. So my endocrinologist finally...
  5. Lynda Lynda

    Standard drug level for Stelara?

    My Otolaryngoloist is going to schedule my thyroidectomy for October 2023. My Stelara injections are going to be every 6 weeks instead of 8 weeks starting September 26, 2023.
  6. Lynda Lynda

    Stelara Support Group

    I will soon start Stelara at home injections every 6 weeks instead of every 8 weeks. I am hoping that this will raise my Stelara levels so that I can discontinue my Budesonide and Methotrexate medications.
  7. Lynda Lynda

    Standard drug level for Stelara?

    For two months the MA at my GI's office has been bumbling with the simple paperwork to get my Stelara from Janssen every 6 weeks. I have been doing my injections every 8 weeks, since my initial infusion, in October 2021. The MA, at the time, in 2018, could not even figure out how to do all of...
  8. Lynda Lynda


    Thank You for your thoughts 😊 I have been seeing my Endocrinologist for probably 20 years. She is my favorite doctor. I trust her decision that it's finally time for my thyroid to be removed. She has been doing ultrasounds of my thyroid nodules consistently and even biopsies for quite a while...
  9. Lynda Lynda


    Well, this sucks. I have to have my thyroid removed. My Endocrinologist has been monitoring my thyroid and thyroid nodules for a very long time. The nodules have been biopsied more than once, really nothing conclusive came from the biopsies. I am going to see the Otolarynologist in August. I'm...
  10. Lynda Lynda


  11. Lynda Lynda

    Corn starch?

    No popcorn for me. No corn chips. Flour tortilla chips are ok.
  12. Lynda Lynda


    I had a sigmoidoscopy in 1997. It was painless. I just lay on my side while the doctor scopes just the sigmoid colon area only. He could look at a screen while he was scoping. Of course that was a long time ago.
  13. Lynda Lynda


    Was prescribed this at the Hospital recently. I have Crohns Disease, stricture and inflammation of the terminal Ileum. I am really sick right now. I need to know if anyone has used this drug. I'm not taking it if it makes my symptoms worse. I can't even eat food right now. Thank You.
  14. Lynda Lynda

    Standard drug level for Stelara?

    I will have CVS order the hydrocortisone suppositories and proctofoam, I called 3 CVS locations and it's not in stock. Of course ER Doctors give me a paper prescription and it doesn't get sent electronically. Only had liquids for two days now. Will try soft food tomorrow 🤔.... but may need the...
  15. Lynda Lynda

    Calprotectin Level Accurate ?

    My stool as taken from the ER or the Hospital room. I can't recall what time of day.
  16. Lynda Lynda

    Does it sound like IBD?

    If I may ask, which is the better test to have to detect bowel issues, an MRI or a CT scan.
  17. Lynda Lynda

    Is that Crohn or other disease?

    My Aunt Millie has been gluten free for a while now ( her choice, not because of a medical condition.) She feels better with eating no gluten. She eats pretty healthy and reads labels.
  18. Lynda Lynda

    Standard drug level for Stelara?

    I had called an ambulance and the ambulance had to take me to the closest hospital which is not the hospital where my GI has privileges so it was a waste of time last night and early this morning going to that hospital only to go home feeling the same way as when I left. So believe it or not...
  19. Lynda Lynda

    Standard drug level for Stelara?

    Well this sucks. I am now at the hospital emergency room for severe abdominal pain and they did another CAT scan. They gave me morphine but that does not help the pain in the my abdomen, it just makes my head feel wonky. I tried all morning to poop and I couldn't, I pushed so hard that my...
  20. Lynda Lynda

    Standard drug level for Stelara?

    I haven't read this yet, as I only have phone screen print and not computer sized print. But my simple math skills ( 🤪) say 26 weeks on Stelara every 8 weeks is 182 days. I have used Stelara every 8 weeks for 288 days ( or 18 months. )