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  1. 2thFairy

    A funny

    A brief exchange with a friend of mine on Facebook: Them: "Excuses are like buttholes...everybody has one." Me: "True, but not everybody uses them." :ybiggrin:
  2. 2thFairy

    Stoma humor

    Husband told me I should get a tattoo on my butt that says "Out of order. Next window, please." :ylol:
  3. 2thFairy

    Going for flex sig in 1 hour

    I've got a J-pouch (even though it's not hooked up) and am having my every 2-year flexible sigmoidoscopy today. I just did a Fleets enema to clear the mucus, as instructed, and I am in SO much pain. I did not expect this at all and I am seriously freaking out. No bleeding, so I can't imagine...
  4. 2thFairy

    Abdominoperineal resection

    Because I intend to hang on to my stoma as long as possible, I have considered just going for it and having the J-pouch removed and back door closed up permanently. I've seen many people here who have had this surgery having prolonged healing times and issues with infection, so realize this...
  5. 2thFairy

    I give my ostomy presentation tomorrow!

    Tomorrow I will present my ileostomy to my classmates in an oral presentation discussing proctocolectomy, J-pouch, and ileostomy surgery, and how the surgery world can make things easier on us ostomates. No one in my class has any clue that I am the "patient" I am discussing..until the last...
  6. 2thFairy


    Today is the 2-year stomaversary of Sideshow Bob! It's been a wonderful 2 years. I'm looking forward now without hesitating or wondering when my next flare is going to start. Hooray for stomas!
  7. 2thFairy

    First day--Success!

    Today was my first day back in school. I'm more than over-the-hill in years, but today was an especially big day for me in that I have been working from home for the last 6 years because of UC. Now that I have Sideshow Bob, I am liberated from my previous limitations and have begun studying to...
  8. 2thFairy

    Stoma Support Group

    We are awesome. We are the colostas and ileostas. Celebrate your awesomeness by joining the Stoma Support Group. :dance:
  9. 2thFairy

    LGBT Crohn's Patients

    Welcome to the forum, martinF!
  10. 2thFairy

    A much needed chuckle

  11. 2thFairy

    I haven't farted in a year

    So many stoma birthdays around here recently and today is my turn. It's been one year since I was pronounced the new owner of Sideshow Bob and a lovely new way of life. Cheers to all of us!! :ghug:
  12. 2thFairy

    LGBT Crohn's Patients

    How tacky!!! My sister and I hold hands a lot and have been mistaken as a couple. Geez! How freakin' tacky!
  13. 2thFairy

    Don't ya just hate when...

    You just finish a HUGE meal and suddenly you get super itchy and stingy, but there is no way you can change the bag without a tremendous mess making it nearly impossible to accomplish and get a good seal!?!?! Ugh! Merry Christmas! :ytongue:
  14. 2thFairy

    Crinkle, crinkle, crinkle

    For some odd reason, my bag is particularly crinkly crackly today...the dog won't stop following me, thinking I have candy or chips or something else interesting to eat. Hahahaha!!! :D
  15. 2thFairy


    Had a loop ileostomy placed in January and today during a bag change was the first time I saw the distal opening function. At first I freaked out thinking something was wrong, but it was just mucus. Read up a little bit more and found out this was normal. Totally trippy!!!!!
  16. 2thFairy

    Halloween prank

    While answering another thread, I hit upon an idea for Halloween. My husband chimed in as well and this is what our sick minds came up with. Eat a bunch of beets so it looks like a bag of blood, attach a second stoma bag on the other side of my abdomen full of candy, and answer the door...
  17. 2thFairy

    Humira finally approved for UC by the U.S. FDA

  18. 2thFairy

    Humira finally approved by US FDA for use in UC

    FINALLY!!!!!!! Insurance companies will have to come up with a new excuse not to approve covering the cost. http://www.infozine.com/news/stories/op/storiesView/sid/53256/
  19. 2thFairy

    Check this out--app to find nearest restroom

    I haven't tried it, but this is greatness if it works. http://www.charmin.com/find-public-restrooms.aspx
  20. 2thFairy

    Five months post colectomy

    I am now five months post total colectomy with ileostomy. In the past week, my digestion has slowed down BIG TIME and I have gained 3 pounds in five days. This is normal, correct????