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  1. Z

    Organic foods

    I am curious... has anyone tried switching to an organic diet? If so, have you noticed any changes? I have tried other dietary changes and herbal supplements, each of which has helped somewhat, and in combination with each other they seem to work pretty well for me. Organic is the next change...
  2. Z

    IBS/All in your head... driving me crazy!

    I am so glad to find this site, and to discover that I am not alone! I have always had digestive issues since I can remember. As a young child I was always constipated and gassy and always complained of tummy-aches, but was always accused of just exaggerating and trying to get attention...
  3. Z

    Totally confused!

    I have had "tummy issues" of one sort or another my entire life... sometimes diahrea, sometimes constipations, bloating, gas, sometimes its hard to "go" but the stool is loose or watery, mucus in stool, blood in stool... and so on. A couple of hours after I eat I notice a lump in the lower...