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  1. Keona

    For those of you who use Facebook - there will be an online UC webinar/discussion.

    http://www.ccfc.ca/site/c.ajIRK4NLLhJ0E/b.7519169/k.C8D1/Webinar.htm?utm_campaign=webinar2011&utm_medium=social_media&utm_source=facebook-ccfc Cheers, Wendy
  2. Keona

    U of U study: 'Hitchhiking' gene plays important role in Crohn's disease August 17th,

  3. Keona

    Hey.... Need you to click on this

    Hey everyone thanks for reading. Could you please take 2 seconds and click on this to vote between Aug 8th --> Sept. 4th. you can vote daily and for every click $1.00 is donated to the Canadian Womens Foundation. It is a short essay style contest. Voting is really simple. thanks everyone...
  4. Keona

    Video on GI cancer: GI Cancer: Provocative and Practice-Changing Studies

  5. Keona

    CT Use and Radiation Exposure in Children

    Surging Numbers of Scans in Children A study in the April issue of the journal Radiology [1] revealed that the number of CT scans performed on pediatric patients in the emergency department (ED) has increased fivefold over a 13-year period ending in 2008. This pattern essentially duplicates...
  6. Keona

    Doc: Stress can trigger flare-up article...

    http://www.wbaltv.com/womansdoctor/28296449/detail.html well well well... I am not posting this b/c I believe there is a men vs. women competition... I believe we are all along a continuum - some with more severe symptoms and complications than others... etc... I am posting this b/c I am...
  7. Keona

    Jordan Sweeney Singing about his Ulcerative Colitis - In The Dark

  8. Keona

    Enteroclysis: What Is It & Why Do We Do It?

    HA... IF ONLY I COULD take this test via the internet :thumleft: For those of you having this test done... they do it two different ways. One with an NG tube (which is this one) and one where they make you drink the contrast. (just skip the tube section!) (actually a really good link....very...
  9. Keona

    More 'fecal' therapy info.

    Patients with bowel disease eager to test 'fecal' therapy Published: Thursday, June 2, 2011 - 09:39 in Health & Medicine The first study of the social and ethical issues associated with a provocative approach to treatment for ulcerative colitis has found that the majority of potential patients...
  10. Keona

    Comparison among CT Enterography, Capsu

    Crohn Disease of the Small Bowel: Preliminary Comparison among CT Enterography, Capsule Endoscopy, Small-Bowel Follow-through, and Ileoscopy Amy K. Hara, MD, Jonathan A. Leighton, MD, Russell I. Heigh, MD, Virender K. Sharma, MD, Alvin C. Silva, MD, Giovanni De Petris, MD, Joseph G. Hentz, MS...
  11. Keona

    Need info : refined sugar and IBD

    need info : refined sugar and IBD anyone have any articles on refined sugar and IBD? I am getting really tired of people saying the reason why people have IBD is because of the amount of sugar they eat and that is the cause. I have tried to explain that they don't know what causes IBD but...
  12. Keona

    Happy birthday thingshavechanged!!!

    Hope you have a FANTASTIC day and MANY MORE :)
  13. Keona

    FDA Warns That PPIs May Cause Hypomagnesemia

    FDA Warns That PPIs May Cause Hypomagnesemia March 02, 2011 RELATED CONDITIONS Hyperacidity, GERD, and ulcers The FDA has notified healthcare professionals and patients that prescription proton pump inhibitors may cause hypomagnesemia if taken for prolonged periods of time (in most cases...
  14. Keona

    Enterocolitis & Donnatal

    what are the causes other than IBD ? Im asking here coupled with my own research as I need a crash course. And has anyone used Donnatal? Thanks.
  15. Keona

    Prednisone poll

    I was wondering if someone really familiar with prednisone could set up a poll for me (dont know how :biggrin:) My doc wants me to go on it and I am freaked out about the side effects...moon face et al... anyhow, I dont know all the side effects but I thought it would be interesting to know how...
  16. Keona

    Ontario people - FYI

    MILO CASTING INC. IS SEEKING PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES TO PARTICIPATE IN PHOTO SHOOTS TO PROMOTE ACCESSIBILITY IN ONTARIO. COMPENSATION COMPENSATION: $650 FOR A 1 DAY PHOTO SHOOT Milo Casting Inc. is seeking males and females of all backgrounds, ages (18 years and over), and disabilities...
  17. Keona


    grumblings okay - so no laughing... Know when you get a grumbling noise in your stomach - loud ones and it can be heard across the room? Well.. I have been getting those same noises in between my stomach and butt.. I cant really pinpoint where exactly but it is much lower... and it is more...
  18. Keona


    Im going under tomorrow. Any suggestions for a speedier recovery? I have gone grocery shopping and froze some food for quick easy meals when Im hungry. I also did all my laundry, changed the sheets on my bed, borrowed a few movies... think Im all set !
  19. Keona

    For Canadians

  20. Keona

    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    To the over 10, 000 lives lost (and counting) during the monster earthquake/tsunami in Japan ..and to those suffering who are reading this Bev -- you are often in my thoughts :HUG: