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  1. Crohns and AS

    The journey continues now Humira

    Had a colonoscopy last week results weren't as good as I was hoping but could have been worse. Mild colitis left colon and more severe colitis in right anyway just did blood work, TB test and took chest xray today since they want me to start Humira. I will be taking methotrexate also which I am...
  2. Crohns and AS

    Buffalo hump - neck fat

    Does anyone else have what I have heard called the Buffalo hump or excess fat on the back of their neck from steriod use?
  3. Crohns and AS

    Question about Mexthotraxte

    I just got switched to mexthotraxte injections since the other medication was making me sick for Crohns and AS. I just successfully did my first injection last weekend. I have to take folic acid while taking this medication. Any input and feedback would be great from current or past users. Thanks
  4. Crohns and AS

    azathioprine and vomiting? Can Aza treat AS?

    After being in remission for years I was put on a new drug for me anyway azathioprine plus a steriod after a Crohns flare. They increased my dose around the time I was also diagnosed with AS. Since increased dose I have been feeling ill, started with flu like symptom's a few hours after taking...
  5. Crohns and AS


    I am new to the forum. I was diagnosed with Crohns at age 13 with symptoms at 12 years old. I was very ill and hid my sysmptoms from my family at first which made me even more ill before my parents took me in to seek treatmeat. I was very thin 85lbs, bleeding, needing a blood transfusion and not...