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    Question regarding isolated small bowel Crohns and progression (and diet)

    Colonoscopies are usually very indicative for Crohn‘s as they usually come up with *something* if one has it... you had 2 clean scopes 4 years apart. Sounds good. If you are really worried, you have to determine what is *the* thing that will calm you; is there such a thing, or will you still be...
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    I feel like heartbreak has physically caused a crohn's flare up

    Hi, It’s never deterministic; I can relate from a personal standpoint. At the same year I ended a very long relationship and fell in love all over, thing that I wouldn‘t imagine... Few month later - problems not stopping.... struggling, terrified, the whole deal Was it too much excitement for...
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    Considering stopping Humira after 17 years, looking for advice.

    Hi, Listen, please please consider carefully. You say that you are happy and healthy. Let me share that I am close to your age and age of diagnosis, and back then they prescribed those 5ASA..... I have been struggling by diets, balloon dilations, massive rounds of pred, surgery. It’s never...