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  1. DJW

    Blood and Fatigue Question

    I've been on Remicade for a year and this is new for me. The last couple of days the fatigue has been worse than usual. I had a bit of blood in the toilet this afternoon (red, not the dark foul smelling coffee grounds) and appears to be from lower down in the GI tract. I've got a bit of...
  2. DJW

    Swelling of penis and testicles

    Hi and welcome. Sorry, no experience with this issue. Sending you both my support.
  3. DJW

    Good GI appointment!

    My GI doc is very pleased with my progress. Remicadeis working well . :dance:
  4. DJW

    Sticky What to expect after surgery

    Unfortunately not. Crohn's can hit anywhere from mouth to anus. Surgery can put you into remission by removing the diseased section. So technically you are Crohn's free...but you are not cured. It's a tough decision.
  5. DJW

    Sticky What to expect after surgery

    Good questions. I never responded to treatment. There was extensive damage. It needed to be removed. Apart from a major bleed in hospital I never had bleeding. My last flare started a few years ago. Major fatigue and lots of strictures, anemia, eye problems, join pain, etc. Specific...
  6. DJW

    Sticky What to expect after surgery

    Unfortunately flair ups still happen. Going to the washroom in public is pretty easy. My diet hasn't been much of an issue. Raw vegetables are a no go for me. They don't digest and cause a blockage. This surgery gave me my life back. I've always been active in sports and life. Nerves are...
  7. DJW

    Help...I'm struggling to drop weight

    Hi all. Background: I've always tried to be an active participant in sports since my diagnosis many year ago. Not always possible when flaring. I was in an extended 2 plus year flare with multiple surgeries due to obstructions . That kept my weight down. Two years ago I started imuran...
  8. DJW

    2015 Gutsy Walk June 7th

    Anyone participating this year? I'm planning on entering a team this year. Never done that...wish me luck and LOTS of donations.
  9. DJW

    What are your tips for thickening up your output?

    I'd like to hear everyone's tips to slow and thicken a nightoutput ostomy . Mine - bananas help me. Steel cut oats also work for me but stay away from them if fiber is an issue or you have strictures.
  10. DJW

    Crohn's and Colitis Canada Camp Got2Go

    I just received information on Camp Got2Go for kids with IBD. Check the link below for details. http://campgot2go.ca/index.html
  11. DJW

    Sticky What to expect after surgery

    What to expect after abdominal surgery: Day 0: You wake up with a tube in your bladder (catheter), a tube down your nose into your stomach (NG Tube), and either a pain management pump or an epidural for pain control. If you do not have a tube down your nose you may be allowed ice chips. The...
  12. DJW

    Do the side effects from Mesalamine go?

    I've been doing some reading here on mesalamine and still have a couple questions. Is fatigue very common? Do the side effects subside in a week or so? Thanks
  13. DJW

    Are all sugars created equal?

    I'm working to overhaul my diet. My question: Is their a fundamental difference in the way the body treats different sugar sources? Raw sugar, white sugar, juice, sugar cane, etc.
  14. DJW

    Anxiety about sleep.

    A bit of background. I rarely sleep through the night. For the last month or so the insomnia is back. During the day I have very little energy to walk or even think. I do some volunteer work and right now that is overwhelming. Lately I've been fighting with my desire to work and the fact that...
  15. DJW

    Open ulcers under wafer finally healed!

    So a year and a half of nurses visits have finally come to an end. Two infusions of Remicade cleared them up. What a frustrating time that was. :dance:
  16. DJW

    Want to work but SO anxious

    I'm finding myself getting both excited and really anxious...so I'm turning to my fellow C&C sufferers for input. As some of you know I've been sick for quite a while. To the point where I need to be on disability. The only way I could accept that idea was to look at it as temporary while I...
  17. DJW

    Visable sign of improvement

    Its been a little over a week since my first Remicade infusion. I'm improving. As some of you know I've been dealing with ulcers under the wafer of my ileostomy (2 years). Today I changed the appliance and found the ulcers are drying up and closing over. If I can get the pics off my old...
  18. DJW

    How to make a rectal exam a bit easier.

    Being diagnosed a a young age meant getting rectal exams on a regular basis. To say it caused anxiety is an understatement. A pediatric surgeon gave me a tip that made it easier. As the doctor is about to insert a finger, have your child push out as if going to the washroom This will relax...
  19. DJW

    Finished First Infusion

    Well I had my first infusion of Remicade yesterday. Pretty uneventful. I had some tingling in my lips so the gave me some benadryl. Looking forward to my next dose.
  20. DJW

    Medic Alert Bracelet and Remicade

    Do any of you folks on biologics wear a Medic Alert?