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    Is This Leaky Gut Syndrome? Thoughts or Treatments

    This all makes sense now! For years I have been feeling like there are toxins litteraly leaking from my intestines to my blood stream, during a flare. Brain fog, joint pain, fatigue, irratability, muscle aches, anxiety, depression, racing brain, bad breath, bloating, gas, hunger pains, and other...
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    Symptomatic but testing negative

    symptomatic but testing negative OK, I would like to know if there are others going thru the same... While all the tests are negative (colonscopy, biopsy, blood count, x-ray), I am still having A LOT OF symptoms... I've had about 12' of my small intestines removed (ileum), and I am taking...
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    Crohn's Disease is depressing me

    OK - so I don't post much, but here we go.... I am getting worried about life as it is.. not feeling so good physically. This disease has limited my life in countless ways. I cannot travel, hard to do physical activities, seems like I can't eat anything anymore. Plus, seems like a flare up...
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    Help Need LDN Rx in Los Angeles area...

    OK, so my GI has prxed LDN 4.5 mg for me before, but for some reason, he is unwilling to prx 1.5 mg... I have tried the 4.5, but I think I need to start w/ a lower dose. Can anyone recomend a Dr that will Prx it??? thanks! k
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    My uniquely similar story

    my uniquely similar story OK here we go: Present - 32 year old male living w/ CD in California. Post 2 resections and hernia operation (most likely due to first resection). Married plus a 4 month old (adorable) baby boy. History (His Story? or My Story? you decide) - I grew up in a very...
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    Has anyone ever got sick from LDN?

    Hi Everyone, Thi is my 3rd day on LDN (4.5)... I am feeling very sick... doesn't feel like a flare. Just feeling very tired, have a lot of flem / coughing / sore throat, stomach is acting up a bit, joints aching. I've tried LDN twice before. The first time, for just under 3 weeks. At first...