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    Can anyone make sense of these test results for me?

    I understand and dealing with the same aches, foggy brain, and dizzy feeling, Humira every 7 days has helped with gut but not with the rest of my body.
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    Is it infection..??

    Trysha, wow I need to find an acupuncturist.
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    Stimulants to combat severe chronic fatigue?

    I have used Adderall 20 mg, on/off for around 20 years and yes the med has improved my quality of life. For me only downside has been a rise in BP.
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    Night sweats

    I agree with all of you, night sweats are a main sign of a coming flare. good luck.
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    Now what?

    I'm very sorry to hear of your pain and discomfort, but I had my gallbladder removed and that did get rid of pain right under left rib area. I hope scan helps pin point cause of your pain. good luck George
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    My pain started in knees and has now spread to neck and back and is moving down to my feet, I have changed shoes and has been no help. Many days I just get so tired of gut and body pain I wonder why I keep fighting. but shortly after thinking that I see my wife and kids and grand kids, why I'm...