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    Guess whose coming to dinner?

    Guess whose coming to dinner? If just flew in from Pennsylvania and thought i would join you all today. Do you have room at your table for a tired, wore out 44 yr old man who has been battling this disease for past 14 years. Well let me sit down with you and fill you in on the latest gossip...
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    Do you still dream?

    Do your remember your first love? The sweaty palms, racing heartbeat? The kisses so intense that your lips felt like they ran a marathon afterwards. The times you thought that you were gonna die after the break up?. Do you remember your first car? The smell of the interior? Riding around with...
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    Missing you

    Hello. It's been a long time since we last spoke. How have you all been? I am a bit nervous in writing you this and i don't know how you will feel about what my intentions are. I still consider you all my friends despite all that you have done to me. You have called my names such as "a pain in...
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    Probiotics and Cramping

    Hello once again to all my crohns/colitis brother and sisters. I am asking for some feeback on a recent short stint on Probiotics. I have heard so much of how probiotics are beneficial to the gut/intestines. I was also recommended to take them by my GI Dr several months ago. I purchased a...
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hello all from Pennsylvania. I am a soon to be 44 year old who has been struggling with crohns for 14 years. I was in remission for many years up the past year. I have had 4 surgeries ie. Fistulas and Abcess's, 3 setons and a ten day stint in the hospital due to being Neutrapenic from an...