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  1. xJillx

    Enemas for Flex Sig

    I have a flex sig tomorrow morning, and I was told to take two enemas in the AM. Do I take them back to back or take one then wait an hour or two and take the second? My appointment is at 10:30am, and I'll need to be on the road by 9:45am. So, I was thinking about taking the second one...
  2. xJillx

    Bowel Transplant

    I recently read an article in Parade in the US Sunday paper of a young girl's small & large bowel transplant for her rare condition called chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudo obstruction. I wondered if this could be a development for IBD, as well. Thoughts? http://www.chp.edu/CHP/matisse+reid
  3. xJillx

    Should I Avoid Sushi?

    Does anyone have an issue with eating sushi? I love sushi, but I haven't had too much of it since getting sick. However, I got a gift card to a really fancy Japanese/Korean/Thai restaurant that makes the BEST sushi (so I am told). I made a reservation for New Years Eve for the hubby and I...
  4. xJillx

    One Month W/O Meds

    It’s been a full month of having my Crohn’s diagnosis retracted and stopping treatment (for the full scoop on how this went down, check out my original thread: http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=27374) and, of course, I had a really lousy day. Today, I had one of my typical “flare”...
  5. xJillx

    Crohn's Diagnosis Retracted

    Got room for a new member? My GI has retracted my CD diagnosis. Here’s my story: In spring of 2010, I started passing mucus. I dismissed it for several weeks, until I had a 48 hr period in July when I was really sick. I was feverish, in and out of the bathroom with loose stools, and mucus...
  6. xJillx

    Anyone with Normal Biopsies?

    How many of you have or have had normal biopsy results? I had a colonoscopy in September, and my GI emailed me my biopsy results today: “entirely normal, no sign of Crohn’s or IBD.” Biopsies in July showed “acute colitis”, but all biopsy results prior to this had been normal, as well...
  7. xJillx

    Treatment Suggestions for Rectal Inflammation

    I need help, guys. I am looking for some suggestions for treating my rectal inflammation. My recent colonoscopy showed mild inflammation only in my rectum. All else is clear. But then why do I feel so terribly awful?! My current symptoms are frequent loose BM’s (mostly in the AM), mucus...
  8. xJillx

    Tired of Needing to Stalk my GI!

    As usual, my GI is being horrible with the follow up. I had a colonoscopy on Thursday, Sept. 22nd. As always, I am instructed to call for biopsy results if I don't hear anything in 2 weeks, which I never do. I called my GI's nurse last Friday and left a voicemail and heard nothing back...
  9. xJillx

    Bleeding after Colonoscopy

    Seeing a little blood when having a BM is not uncommon for me. I often have mucus, and sometimes there is a little bright blood, too. However, the blood had been doing better lately. But since my colonoscopy last Thursday, I have been seeing some blood again. I had a good amount of blood...
  10. xJillx

    Colonoscopy Tomorrow...Let the Fun Begin!

    I am having my second colonoscopy tomorrow since diagnosis. I have had a few flex sigs since, but they haven’t showed too much inflammation, and biopsies have only showed “acute colitis”. So, it will be interesting to see what’s going on throughout the rest of my colon. I have had a rough...
  11. xJillx

    Another Weekend Stuck in Bed

    Why is it that I get sick just about every weekend?! I mean, I am happy that I haven't had to call out of work too much, since I started to flare in July. But just about each weekend, I have a day where I am bound to my bed & bathroom. It would be nice to be able to enjoy my days away from...
  12. xJillx

    Red Spider Veins

    In the past few weeks, I have developed lots of tiny red spider vein clusters on my feet, ankles and calves. They are bright red and pretty noticeable, especially on my feet. I actually have had a few people point them out - don't you just love that? Does anyone else have an issue with red...
  13. xJillx

    Blood Clot in Leg?

    I have been having pains in my right leg for a little over 2 weeks now. At first I thought I had just pulled something, but the sensations are a bit different. The pain/ache/swelling starts in my knee (mainly in the back) and then radiates through my calf. It feels tight and gets swollen, and...
  14. xJillx

    One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

    I started a nasty flare up about three weeks ago. I got in to see my GI right away. Flex sig didn't show anything too alarming, and I was given cortisone steroids; I do have a full colonoscopy scheduled for the end of September. I continued to have some bad days, but I was very slowly...
  15. xJillx

    Fish Oil ?'s

    I currently don't take any vitamins or supplements, but I am thinking perhaps it is the time to start. I have tried a daily women's vitamin, but it really made my stomach upset. So, I am going to try a Flintstone or something easier on the gut, as suggested by my doctor. I also thought I'd...
  16. xJillx

    One Year Anniversary

    One year ago from today I was diagnosed with CD. I had hoped after several months and surely a year, I’d be more accepting of this. And in some ways I am. The forum has helped a great deal for me to better understand my illness and how to manage it. But I, at times, feel even more confused...
  17. xJillx

    Price of Your Biologic Treatment - US Residents

    To those in the US: Just curious, what do you pay for your biologic treatment? I have been reading a lot of posts with people reporting co-pays of several hundred dollars and up! How can you afford this? If you don't mind, can your provide the following: Treatment: Insurance/Provider...
  18. xJillx

    Biopsy Results

    My doctor's assistant just emailed me my recent biopsy results: "the biopsy results were consistent with acute colitis, but showed no chronic/inflammation changes." I emailed her back for more explanation, but I haven't heard anything yet. Can anyone tell me what this exactly means...
  19. xJillx

    Rollercoaster Flare

    I have been battling a flare (or what I assume is a flare) for the past week or so; the only true flare was pre-diagnosis a year ago and what led me to the GI office, so I am still new at this. But this one is so crazy! I have bad days, but then good days. I think I am doing better, but then...
  20. xJillx

    Scope w/o Sedation

    I am in a flare and my GI squeezed me in tomorrow morning. She wants to do a scope, and it sounds like without sedation. I am a little scared. What am I in for?