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    Cushing's syndrome

    Me again. Still haven't quite figured out where I'm meant to post & how it gets seen so I'm hoping I'm posting in the correct category?! Anyho. As some of you know I've been battling a crohns flare for a while now. 2 hospital admissions & ive finally started the humira. I have been on & off...
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    Humira & Liver issues

    Hi. I've just started on Humira after azathioprine caused my liver to go haywire. Had my 4 loading shots 9 days ago & 3 days ago started getting the same pain in my upper right stomach again like I'd been kicked by a horse! Drs have run LFTS but cos of weekend results not back yet. Anyone else...
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    Predisolone/Humira side effects help (rant)

    Hi again ☺️ So I'm currently battling the pred yoyo diet. Have been on off pred for almost a year now, can't get below 15mg before I start flaring again. I've spent the last couple of months basically at a high dose (40mg) & am now coming down to 35mg for two weeks whilst I wait for the Humira...
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    Capsule endoscopy

    Hi again. Not sure if this will get much response as a tricky one, but I'll give it a go.. Had my results through from my capsule test (after a normal colonoscopy & MRI but severe symptoms & FC 600+) and it showed three separate areas of ulcers (they found one ulcer on colonoscopy so technically...
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    Help appreciated

    Hey everyone! I'm posting here as google is really not bringing up much (not that I go off google but usually brings me to a thread on here!) I have Crohn's - 30 years now (I'm 38). Been in remission 20 years after small bowel resection. Started flaring last year, did a bout of steroids, started...
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    Pred & anxiety

    Hi I'm currently on predisolone, started at 40mg got down to 30mg then had to have IV steroids this week as flared again, now back on oral 30mg. Take them in the morning & by mid afternoon I feel like my head is going to explode. Everything sounds "loud" and I start to get really panicky &...
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    Feeling like a hypo :(

    Hi everyone. Relatively new to this forum & been doing a lot reading on here about the failure to diagnose Crohns. So here's my story (and have copied and pasted it from a reply I just made on another thread so sorry for the double up, just no energy to type it all twice). I've just been...