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    Does LDN elevate liver enzymes???

    Hi. My son (16 years old/5ft 7"/100lbs) has Crohn's Disease and has been taking 4.5mg LDN for about 5 weeks now. We started off low and built up to 4.5mg. Apart from the LDN and a specific diet he has had no other treatment. He has gone from watery, bloody diarrheah up to 10-14 times a day with...
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    Help! Elevated liver enzymes.

    Hi. First time poster, but been lurking for a while. My son was diagnosed with Crohns about 6 months ago. We have managed to bring him into symptomatic remission through LDN and diet alone. Nothing else. His inflammatory markers are still high, but it's early days yet. Currently he is only...