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    Whats next?

    I saw the Dr yesterday about my joint pain he is testing me for lupus,RA, and arthritis and if the tests ate negative then they are going to contribute my joint pain to the remicade infusions. Does anyone have any idea what other treatments are next for Crohn's? I am beginning to have symptoms...
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    Remicade blood work

    My Dr wanted to do blood work to check my remicade levels and my insurance company is calling it experimental. There is only one lab that takes the blood then they send it to San Diego. Has anyone else had this problem. My insurance pays 100% of the 12,800 cost of the infusion yet doesn't want...
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    Need some advice please

    Does anyone get a "flushed "look on your face? I have been getting really red on my cheecks, left arm and chest that feels hot. I currently am on B -12 shots once a month, remicade every 8 weeks. 65 Mg of iron twice a day, caltrate 600 twice a day, 50 Mg savella twice a day, 20 Mg prilosec once...
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    Bad week for.joint pain

    I have been having a lot of joint pain this week does anyone know anything that helps? I have other health issues such as fibro,arthritis high blood pressure etc and am on 7 different meds daily plus B-12 shots monthly and remicade infusions every 8 weeks. I really am feeling very frustrated...
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    Feeling frustrated

    I am really tired of being "sick " on top of Crohns I have fibro, arthritis, high blood pressure so it just seems like I cant have more then a couple days when I don't hurt somewhere and of course I have to deal with bathroom issues everyday. I just had my remicade infusion last Friday and now I...
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    Feeling overwhelmed

    I was originally diagnosed in 1983 at the age of 16 with u/c. In 1994 I had my large intestine removed and had a temp bag. The first day home from the hospital my small intestine kinked and ended up in the er and had to have more surgery to "tack "it up. I thought things were done and I was ok...