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    I am out of money and need another colonoscopy

    I need help getting funding to get another colonoscopy. I have no insurance and I think it is spreading. They told me $5,000 for it. Any ideas?
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    Lactaid and green juice.

    Hey you all just tried Lactaid Milk and I am so happy. Finally I can have milk again. It is a Lactose free milk that is great tasting. I also started this green juice powder. It is all sorts of stuff ground up into a powder that you add to drinks. It is a little gritty and taste like grass but...
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    I need some information

    :sign0085::sign0085::sign0085::sign0085::sign0085::sign0085::sign0085::sign0085::sign0085: Has anybody heard of these people? http://healthadvantageprogram.prepaidlab.com/Most-Popular-Tests.html?catid= or these folks? http://healthadvantageprogram.prepaidimaging.com/ And lastly does anybody...
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    I use to weight lift 2x a day 6 days a week. I love to work out but sit ups, crunches, and chin up cause a small flair and a couple of days of bathroom trips. Does anybody have any ideas about loosing a spare tire? I know most of you have the severe weight loss I did at first nearly 50 pounds in...
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    My libido

    I have found since I have discovered crohn's that my libido has dropped. It is hard for a 27 year old man to explain to his wife that while she is sexy I just don't have enough energy to have sex. When I come home after work I am exhausted and every joint hurts and my energy level plumits...
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    New Man on the block

    Hi 27 year old Male 6 ft 230lbs I have Crohn's has not been very fun. I miss good food but my meds are really starting to make life easier. On Ranitidine 300 mg per day and Omiprazole once per day. What I can't eat: No fried food No cigarettes No booze No coffee/caffeine No Milk No raw crunchy...