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  1. DustyKat

    not being breastfed as a baby could be related with risk of a developing IBD?

    Both of my IBD children were exclusively breastfed until about 6 months and then for about another 9 months along with solids. When my first child was diagnosed I ran with the theory of 1/3 genetic 1/3 environment 1/3 trigger. Then my second child was diagnosed. Same location (albeit the most...
  2. DustyKat


    Thanks xmdmom and thank you for the link. :) I shall pass it on. She was starting to gain weight on the initial course of antibiotics. All symptoms had resolved and in her words, “I had forgotten how good I could feel.” She is now back square one. She has tried the SIBO diet, low fodmap &...
  3. DustyKat


    My daughter, adult, has been diagnosed with SIBO. Symptoms of bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhoea that is out of the normal range for her. She has had a right hemicolectomy so is at greater risk of developing SIBO. She had felt for some time that her symptoms pointed to SIBO but it took 9...
  4. DustyKat

    Eye Problems / Iritis

    My daughter had similar sounding issues to yours @Ldncrad. Sore and painful eyes to the point that she couldn’t drive some days. Multiple ophthalmology visits with no answers. One queried sjogrens, due to the dryness but eye drops did nothing. She was also experiencing joint pain and hair loss...
  5. DustyKat

    Anyone else have some luck with inulin fiber?

    My children use fibre for their bile salt malabsorption. It’s not inulin but psyllium. This is an old thread about it with loads of info and experiences if you are interested. 😊 https://crohnsforum.com/threads/psyllium-husks.13856/ They both still use it daily with effect.
  6. DustyKat

    Weird Biopsy Pathology--anyone experience this??

    Hi Lizzy, Unfortunately the path to a diagnosis for many, if not most, is a process of elimination. In other words what isn’t it before the right diagnosis is hit upon. I don’t have Crohn’s, my children do, and they did not return the results you have. That said there are are number of...
  7. DustyKat

    Your Surgery Story

  8. DustyKat

    Doctor considering first surgery

    Hi Novax, I haven’t had surgery but both of my kids have. Here is a thread about questions to ask your surgeon that is well worth a read https://crohnsforum.com/threads/questions-for-your-surgeon.27387/ One thing to clarify with your surgeon is exactly what parts of the bowel they will be...
  9. DustyKat

    Umbilical hernia treatment

    Hi Shalinico, sorry for the delay in replying. The cause of your hernia is likely due to the surgeries you have had if you have had a vertical midline incision. That said they can also occur without surgery. An umbilical hernia is due to a weakness in the muscle, a separation. When you raise...
  10. DustyKat

    Heard from Doc today

    Wow, just wow cic ❤️ I have just read a few months back. So much for you both to consider and process and very difficult for you as parent not only emotionally but walking that very fine line between saying nothing and saying too much. 😞 I note the part about the comparisons of surgeries the...
  11. DustyKat

    Heard from Doc today

    You don’t miss a bloody trick do you! 🤣 21! wow! Happy birthday O! 🎉🎉🎉
  12. DustyKat

    A Cautionary Tale

    @Jo-mom—awwww, thank you @scottsma - yeah, S was on a high dose for a few weeks with the Pred. Shame they didn’t keep onto it. Hope you are responding to the Pred and things are settling. ❤️ @Lisa - So fab to hear you are clinical remission. 😊 Now don’t be like S, Lisa! Take your Vit D! 😆...
  13. DustyKat

    A Cautionary Tale

    @Pilgrim - I think perhaps she was treading water for quite some time and the move and very different diet probably tipped her over the edge. @mlp - yeah, Vit D should be stock standard for her and I have always wanted her to aim to be at the upper limit of normal at all times. I think taking...
  14. DustyKat

    A Cautionary Tale

    Wow, didn’t realise how long it had been since I have visited. 😬 So S, now 28, moved from Japan to the US at the beginning of 2018 and by the end of the year she was flaring. 😞 She had not been on medication for about 9 years. Suffice it to say the first GI/practice was hopeless. In December of...
  15. DustyKat

    10 yr old being tested for IBD

    The journey to getting a diagnosis, whatever that may be, is certainly a very frustrating and emotional one and in many cases is a process of elimination rather than a straight up you have this. B12 and Folate: if there is a deficiency here it may give a clue to what is causing the persistent...
  16. DustyKat

    10 yr old being tested for IBD

    Difficult to say based on the results but you are certainly on the right track having the capsule endoscopy/MRE as your next testing. If IBD is a possibility it is not rare to have anything up to 5 EIM’s (Extra Intestinal Manifestations) for some time prior to diagnosis and the physical...
  17. DustyKat

    Not Sure

    Sorry I am very late to this. Haven’t been on the forum for yonks. 😬 So fab to hear things are going well. 😊 Re the pancreatitis. Not sure if you ever received a definitive answer from the docs on that but it can be an EIM (Extra Intestinal Manifestation) of IBD, more often with Crohn’s. All...
  18. DustyKat

    Humira with Azathioprine

    For those on combined therapy with Imuran/6MP what is your GI’s thoughts on how long the combined treatment should remain?
  19. DustyKat

    Sticky Paediatric IBD - Articles and Research

    Efficacy and Safety of Escalation of Adalimumab Therapy to Weekly Dosing in Pediatric Patients with Crohn's Disease Full Article: http://journals.lww.com/ibdjournal/Fulltext/2016/04000/Efficacy_and_Safety_of_Escalation_of_Adalimumab.13.aspx