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    If I still have something showing up on my video capsule does this mean Skyrizi is not working?

    I have a similar situation, but on Entyvio. My physical symptoms improved a lot, but colonoscopy did not show any healing. I decided to stay on Entyvio regardless as I had no side effects and really enjoyed the feeling of being healthy. I have been taking it for 2+ years, but unfortunately my...
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    Entyvio Receives FDA Approval for Injectable Version

    It took me a very long time to understand this and was stopping me from starting treatment. Another issue is the reported efficiency. For example Entyvio shows only 32% of patients achieving remission at 1 year vs 16% on placebo. Given the perceived risk and a small improvement over placebo...
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    I just had a consultation with my doctor and we discussed options if my current treatment stops working. He mentioned Rinvoq and was very enthusiastic about having this option in the future. Apparently the drug will become available in Canada later this year (for Crohn's). He mentioned how it is...
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    Experience with ENTYVIO

    I have been on Entyvio for the last 2+ years. I had a very fast positive reaction with an improvement of symptoms after 1 month. It took longer for the symptoms to completely withdraw. I had no adverse side effects. No extra infections, went through Covid on Entyvio as well with no issues. I...
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    Anyone else using Skyrizi?

    I am not on Skyrizi but during my last appointment my doctor mentioned that he has very good results in his practice with the drug. This is of course anecdotal evidence and you should take it as such. This is a new drug, just approved for Crohns and he said that he sees a very good response in...
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    Maybe organic meat and chicken is worth the cost...

    I think it is super important with growing children. I cooked only with organic food until my kid was 2 years old. It became too expensive after that.
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    I was drinking only Ensure without taking any other foods for about 3 months. It didn't help with Crohn's but I was OK otherwise.
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    How to decide which biologic to take?

    I don't have fistulas and my Crohn's is located in the large intestines. Do you know how Entyvio compares the the others in terms of how it works? If it stopped working for me maybe I should try something that works in a different way.
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    How to decide which biologic to take?

    Entyvio stopped working for me and it was recommended that I try a different biologic. The Doctor recommended Humira, Stelara or Skyrizi, but he was opened to try other biologics as well. How do you compare them to pick the one that is best for you? Is it just a try-and-see method or do you...
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    Modifying drug dosage/frequency intake

    Knowing that the response we get from taking medication can't be exactly predicted I wonder if doing some small tests on yourself with the intake frequency and dosage wouldn't be beneficial. The goal is to maximize the benefits and to limit side effects. I don't discuss this with the doctor...
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    To Entyvio or not to Entyvio

    I was in a similar situation 2 years ago, wondering if I should start Entyvio. I decided to go ahead and had a very good response. Unfortunately after two years my body stopped responding to it and unless something changes I will have to discontinue. I had no side effects but the improvement...
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    Why the push for Biologics?

    I don't think there is a diet that got consistent good results in clinical trials. What kind of diet did you want to try?
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    does a flare mean the biologic isn't working?

    I have been on Entyvio for 2 years and experienced 2-3 flareups during that time. The drug never worked 100% for me, but the improvement is good enough to continue the treatment. I feel better, have a substantial improvement in symptoms, but Crohn's is still active.
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    Vagus nerve and Crohn's disease

    There are lots of resources on the web describing how to manually stimulate the vagus nerve. This probably would not be strong enough to help with Crohns, but maybe it is worth trying.
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    Vagus nerve and Crohn's disease

    I came across some articles discussing trials where the vagus nerve stimulation was used in the treatment of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. Does anyone have some experience with such treatment? Is this something that can be done at home?
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    VSL#3 probiotic. Opinions

    Same here, I didn't see any difference in my symptoms when taking it. I wasn't taking any biologics at that time. I think it is worth trying. You can always stop if it doesn't work.
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    switching treatment

    Did you notice a decrease of symptoms right after an injection and then getting worse over time? That would explain why the doctor increased the frequency. I don't have this...I still feel bad right after the shot. I will probably wait couple of months before trying to switch the drug. I had...
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    switching treatment

    I am on Entyvio which worked well for the last 2 years, but symptoms returned in the last few weeks. When a biologic loses effectiveness do you switch right away to a new drug? I had a brief episode or symptoms while being on Entyvio but decided to hold on and the symptoms subsided. How long...
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    Finally found something that works for me

    Good for you! I wish it will keep working for you. It is always worth trying especially that improving your breathing is good for you regardless if it helps with Crohns or not.
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    Foods that triggering in me

    I stopped eating meat at one point and the improvement was immediate. I helped for about 2 years, but then symptoms returned.